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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Mar. 18, 2010.
Capitalists think they own every living soul, and that wealth and well-being are tied to race. These zoo keepers need captives to use and abuse. When they washed on our shores we resisted. We refused to forget who we were and are. Followed was one of the biggest holocausts in all humanity. Over 100 million of us in the Western Hemisphere were murdered. We wouldn’t die off. Their domesticated European flocks had to be brought over to slave for them.
Once upon a time all humans were part of the natural world. Europeans were turned into captive animals with a purposeless existence. Their intuition was dulled. They were dumbed down. Their homes are concrete slabs and iron bars. Their lives are purposeless. They have been convinced to live for the hereafter.
Domestication requires docility, submissiveness and ignorance to better serve the hierarchical system.
White centric civilization is unnatural and destructive to all people and the environment. 15th century European barbarism was brought to Great Turtle Island to poison, confuse and undermine us. The masses go along by crying about their hard beginnings, deprivation and losses while committing the same here.
Indigenous refused to submit to the capitalist invaders. Today we are displayed as exotic replicas of a prehistoric age. The colonial band and tribal councils kneel at their feet to try to kick, feed and control us. They are afraid to resist, be punished or lose their benefits.
The colonists feel insecure and uncomfortable unless caged or leashed. We are unfriendly. We once roamed thousands of miles of our territories and rivers. We refuse to be put in cages, infuriating the zoo keepers. True natural people are kept separate from and ignored by the “domesticated”.
Threats have to be constantly hurled at the masses to maintain mindless fear. Anti-depressants and medications blind them from unpleasant truths. Their masters tell them what to do. Those who notice this inhumanity are disappeared. Most take the easy way out – slavery and silence.
We Indigenous always had freedom of mind. The natural world is not a dangerous enemy. Free spirited people must be neutralized or devoured so as not to cause the zombified masses to flee, resist or become aware. We are labeled as “conspirators” and “terrorists”
In the natural world humans, plants, animals and the environment grow and live together. Can captivity-bred people be released into this? Not if incognito racism and eugenics underlay their agenda. Laws, technology and DNA insidiously set up this cult of death.
Multiculturalism is a white dominated hierarchy in all its forms. The zoo keepers fear living without privilege. They study natural people. Like greedy children, they run the pseudo shops that sell our “authentic wares”.
The zoo keepers planned and carried out the “final solution” of the Indian problem. Those who survived were to forget our people, to feel inferior and to thank the colonizers. They failed.
Our minds and spirit are stronger than ever. Some day these freeloaders will have to leave.
Kahentinetha, MNN Mohawk Nation News
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Rasili O'Connor said...

Fantastic. Thank you for writing that. I could say so, so much more. For now, THANKYOU.