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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mohawk Nation News: Science of Evil

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Mar. 6, 2010. Evil is man-made immorality and a main influence on Western society. Capitalism and self-promotion are the main values. It is created by psychopaths, based on slavery and "warfare." Warfare is mass murder of those who refuse to fit in. The European Crusades murdered millions.

Psychopaths suffer from several behavior and emotional disorders. They pursue their goals through violence. They designed social hierarchies that rely on deceit, create suffering, enslave people by seizing their labor and its fruits, and set up leaders, priests and PR men to promote their goals.

Thousands of years ago the European masses separated the natural survival instinct that normally works alongside the intellect. Like domestic animals, their traditions were bred out. People without conscience rose to the top.

Criminals and adventurers came to Great Turtle Island and preyed on non-psychopathic Indigenous peoples. They stole continents and mass murdered the inhabitants.

Psychology and psychiatry are dangerous tools of the psychopaths. The Nazis in WW II applied mythical psychology and psychiatry on the masses to herd them into fascism. After the war, these experts set up these sciences in Canada, US, Britain and elsewhere.

Experiments have been done on how to bring Indigenous into the psychopathic boat. In Canada and the US residential and boarding schools kidnapped our kids to mentally, sexually and physically abuse them. It didn’t work. The colonial band and tribal council systems are trying to finish the job.

Lying is a major offence in Indigenous culture. No one has the right to distort reality. The natural world is true. Animals and plants can’t lie or be psychopathic.

Our emotional life is a mystery to psychopaths. We subconsciously resist them. The natural world is a balanced and realistic interrelationship. Intuition resolves the issues.

The essence of life is to create a natural conscience. Though we are equal, we are each unique and meant to work together to resolve issues of survival. Differences bring us together, not to kill each other.

Psychiatry can be used for political purposes. Mohawk critics can be designated as “mentally abnormal” and sent for psychiatric assessment where the testing is controlled by them. Australian Aboriginies won a major land claims case. They were declared incompetent. Their communities have been quarantined and run by the military.

Psychopathic society favors narcissists. Sometimes someone has to win big to show that the fake American Dream works, such as Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, lotteries, etc. The Dream is based on such myths as: “Look out for Number 1”, “Follow your dreams”, “I believe”, “If you work hard, you too can become rich” and “Failure is your own fault”. Anyone can lie, cheat and destroy to win, no matter who gets hurt.

Mainstream emotions are demonstrated for them by pop-culture, movies, TV, books and what psychologists tell them. Like music, styles of romance are adjusted over time.

The past is not taught and the future is apocalyptic science fiction. They need adrenaline highs and thrills make them feel alive. Spectator sports help the masses accept pathological thinking as being normal. Olympics are to be watched, not taken part in.

Psychopathic government, media, military and corporations control the masses. Their narcotic is mindless entertainment, sports, gambling, fear and pleasure. The masses stay willfully blind. They expect the state to look after them. They wait for the media to tell them how to think, feel, what to do and wait for the messiah!

Top level psychopaths grow up in stable, well-to-do families, become white collar criminals and their private destructive behaviors are never exposed. The intuitive frontal area of the brain that protects life seems missing. Another’s life is worthless. They constantly study those who still function normally. We are over-studied but still misunderstood.

Religious fantasies can mask the loss of conscience. They preach unfounded duality, such as good and bad, heaven and hell and black and white. Nuances of human existence are ignored.

Cults form another illusion. New Agers say, “if enough people believe something is true, then it’s true." Shouldn’t beliefs be based on facts? The psychopaths create the facts which they promote through propaganda, their leaders, talking heads and “experts”. Lying is called the “new reality."
They fear being found out. The criminal syndicates overlapping and underlying ordinary people are being threatened, such as the CIA, international bankers, economic hit men, corrupt military, corporate predators, political enablers and the mind raping media. Loss of control is forcing them to create catastrophic events to incite terror and rage in the masses.

What is the conspiracy of the psychopaths?

War is their drug. Nuclear weapons have made war obsolete. The substitute is the fake “war on terror."

Wars are ritualized mass murders of non-psychopaths. Five percent of soldiers are natural born killers without consciences. The rest are trained to become competent killers. Military science is developing ways to overcome the instinctive human reluctance to kill people.

Every creature in creation has an instinct for self-preservation. Passive masses have lost the will to resist. Their broken spirit and relentless training doesn’t even require their masters to hold their reins.

Differences are a law of nature. Creativity is a gift to humanity, to help societies develop complex interrelationships, both collective and individual, through true knowledge of the past and future. Variety is more important to survival than if we were all the same. Lifelong self-awareness develops a mature natural conscience. Each person’s artistic expression must be nurtured for the sake of humanity. Pathocrats are genuinely not creative. They need artists and natural people to relate to the people, land and environment. Without creativity they will eventually perish.

Life is worthy. The Indigenous minds can go back to our way through observing nature, speaking our language and seeking the knowledge of our elders.

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Background: Twilight of the Psychopaths. Kevin Barrett. Idaho Observer. 2008.; Tricks of the Psychopaths Trade.; Political Ponerology, A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes. Andrzej Lobaczewski. Red Pill Press. UK. 2007.

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