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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mapuche Prisoners Film Festival Benefit Toronto

Public Statement of the Mapuche Political Prisoners of Lebu
(Photo: La Voz Mapuche film)

In light of the difficult situation being carried out in Lebu prison, the Mapuche Political Prisoners of Lebu, deprived of our freedom due to continual attacks and photographic set-ups on the part of the Chilean State on our Peoples and Communities, wish to express the following to the national and international human rights groups, the Red Cross and the community at large:
The Crisis situation that we are living in Lebu prison are deplorable, stressing and agonizing, especially considering that Lebu is one of the most affected cities by the earthquake, where since it hit we have had no electricity, running water or food, and have been completely abandoned by the authorities. There is an emergency sanitary situation, where bread and food is being rationalized. Due to the continued seismic aftershocks, we are sleeping in the backyard on mattresses. Moreover, information is continually being denied of information of what is happening, without having access to the press, news, etc.
Plus, these last few days have been particularly alarming, since there is no bread or food left in the city, nor in the storage areas of prison security. This has been worsened by the continual threats made by prison security, of a natural rising of water that has formed alongside the river that threatens the city.
From Lebu Prison
Mapuche Political Prisoners from Arauco
Distributed By: The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada
The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada [Toronto] presents:
Mapuche: The Rebirth of the Warrior
The Second Annual Toronto Mapuche People’s Solidarity Film Festival
March 27th & 28th, 2010 @ Victoria College Campus
University of Toronto (Just East of Museum Station)
In Memory of Our Brothers: Matias Catrileo, Alex Lemun, and Jaime Mendoza CollĂ­o, murdered by the repressive forces of the Chilean State.
Film Festival Agenda:

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