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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DOE files to withdraw Yucca Mountain license

From Ian Zabarte:
UPDATE THURSDAY: I received the Department of Energy" Motion" yesterday afternoon. My organization has 10 days to respond. We have no objection to the motion to dismiss "with prejudice." After 25 years on the Yucca Mountain Project the end is very close. I am pleased to be on the service list of the filing. I have contacted the traditional Western Shoshone leadership and they too, are pleased. I will frame the motion and put it on my wall.

On to bigger and better things!
Mr. Ian Zabarte
Wednesday: Today the Department of Energy filed a motion in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety Licensing Board Panel Construction Authorization Board to withdraw the Yucca Mountain License Application “with prejudice." The parties, including the Native Community Action Council representing Western Shoshone and Southern Paiute stakeholders in the proceedings have 10 days to respond.
For a copy of the DOE motion, in pdf format, contact:

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