Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israeli soldier shoots US student in face at Gaza checkpoint

Copper Union student loses eye in West Bank Protest
A 21-year old American student at Cooper Union lost an eye after getting hit in the face with a tear gas projectile fired by an Israeli soldier during a demonstration at a crowded checkpoint between Israel and the West Bank yesterday. Emily Henochowicz was part of a group protesting the deaths of at least nine pro-Palestinian activists aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. According to her fellow activists, Henochowicz is undergoing surgery to remove her left eye, and one protester, Sören Johanssen, says Israeli soldiers intentionally fired at her face:
"They clearly saw us," says Johanssen. "They clearly saw that we were internationals and it really looked as though they were trying to hit us. They fired many canisters at us in rapid succession. One landed on either side of Emily, then the third one hit her in the face." Israeli soldiers have previously killed and injured demonstrators with tear gas canisters.
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Read Emily's blog, which she called a "Visual Adventure."

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