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Thursday, June 3, 2010

US Citizen Murdered by Israeli Soldiers on Aid Ship to Palestine

US citizen, 19, murdered by Israeli soldiers on aid ship, victims executed at close range

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Democracy Now! 19-year-old US citizen shot four times in head, once in chest by Israeli soldiers on aid ship:
All Slain Flotilla Victims Suffered Bullet Wounds; 19-Year-Old US Citizen Among Dead
Democracy Now: The bodies of the nine dead activists killed by Israeli troops in the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla have returned to Turkey. Forensic experts have confirmed that all nine were shot with guns. Eight of the victims were Turkish nationals, and one was a US citizen of Turkish origin. The US citizen has been identified as nineteen-year-old Furkan Dogan. He reportedly had four bullet wounds to the head and one to the chest. Some 450 of the remaining activists also arrived in Turkey earlier today after being released from Israeli custody. A number of wounded activists were immediately rushed to Turkish hospitals for medical treatment. Survivors of the assault continue to accuse Israel of firing on the ship before its soldiers rappelled aboard. Al Jazeera cameraman Issam Zatari spoke out on Wednesday after returning home to Belgium.
CENSORED BY FACEBOOK: Facebook is blocking my posts. Please post articles on Facebook. Facebook also blocked this comment: "While the beaten and dead arrived in Turkey and Greece, including US citizens, President Obama entertained Paul McCartney at the White House."
--Brenda Norrell/Censored News/
Israeli soldiers executed activists on aid ships, left them to bleed to death
Israeli politician aboard ship reveals terror: Israeli soldiers executed activists with gunshot wounds to the head and left people to bleed to death:,_accuses_israel_of_intentionally_killing_peace_activists_to_deter_future_flotillas
California piano tuner, 64, beaten by soldiers
--Paul Larudee, 64, piano tuner and linguist from San Francisco area of California was beaten by Israeli soldiers while in detention. He has arrived in Greece:
Update on US citizens from Berkeley Daily Planet:
St. Onge (of California) suffered a gash on his head when kicked by an Israeli soldier as he tried to protect a fellow passenger whom the commandos were beating on the deck of the Sfendoni, he told his wife Jan St. Onge. Kobren was allowed to make a brief phone call to the US from a women's prison unit in Beersheba, Israel, yesterday and reported that she is good health, but all the prisoners' belongings had been taken from them. ... US citizens took part in the Freedom Flotilla under the auspices of other organizations. One, Huwaida Arraf, chair of the Free Gaza Movement, was released Tuesday. The FPM has no confirmed information about the status of the other six: Iara Lee, a filmmaker from San Francisco; Kathy Sheetz, a retired nurse from Richmond, CA, and Woods Hole, MA; Ann Wright, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a U.S. diplomat until she resigned in opposition to theIraq war; David Schermerhorn, a film producer from Deer Harbor, WA; Fatima Mohammadi, a longtime activist from Chicago; and Khalid Turaani, who was founder and executive director of the former American Muslims for Jerusalem and now lives in Dubai.
Read article at Berkeley Daily Planet:
For more information about the Free Palestine Movement, see
--Australian and British women report they were beaten and tasered by Israeli soldiers.
--Nicaragua first country to sever diplomatic ties with Israel. (See Google News)
Obama: Return your Nobel Peace Prize or earn it.

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