Friday, June 11, 2010

John Trudell, Annie Humphrey at US Social Forum Detroit

Mark your calendar! Call your friends! The US Social Forum!

Indigenous at US Social Forum Detroit
Tuesday is the Indigenous-led opening March for the US Social Forum.

Indigenous Caucuses every day of the Social Forum and more, much more!

Wednesday morning there will be a Water Ceremony - bring a small bottle of your own water.

Wednesday evening is the Indigenous Welcome Dinner at AIHFS.

Thursday evening is the mini-powwow 6-9pm.

Thursday is THE NIGHT to dance! the lineup at the Magic Stick on Woodward Ave, starting at 9pm...

John Trudell, Annie Humphrey, Joe Reilly and more!
Friday evening back at Cobo - representative (maybe Pres. Evo Morales himself) from the historic first ever Indigenous Government of a UN member country - Bolivia.
Saturday is the Detroit Healing Walk, from the Burial Mound at Fort Wayne and back.
Come, meet, network with other concerned peoples from all over the world comprising a grassroots social movement gaining critical mass, especially of those who live in the belly of the beast in the British Occupation Zone of the Americas (USA and Canada) as they gather for US Social Forum II in Detroit Tuesday June 22 through Saturday 26, 2010.
Over 1000 informative workshops will be presented as well as hundreds of cultural performances and presentations including the above night featuring many Indigenous artists.
What started 2 years ago is now culminating in 10 days!
Do not regret missing this opportunity to build relationships and networks for making Another World, a sustainable healthy place for our children.
grandpa glen

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When will they come to the East coast!!!