Thursday, June 3, 2010

US Citizen, 19, shot in the head by Israeli soldiers on aid ship

Associated Press
Furkan Dogan, 19-year-old student born in Troy, N.Y.. was shot in the forehead by Israeli soldiers on the Freedom Flotilla bound with aid to Palestine.
Dogan's father told Turkey's state-run Anatolia News Agency that he had identified his son's body and that he had been shot through the forehead. Still, he said, the family was not sad because they believed Furkan had died with honor.
"I feel my son has been blessed with heaven," he said. "I am hoping to be a father worthy of my son."
Obama failed humanity in response to Israel's attack on aid ships
Updated information on wounded and missing US citizens from ships:

Israeli politician aboard ship: Israeli soldiers executed activists with gunshot wounds to the head and left people to bleed to death:,_accuses_israel_of_intentionally_killing_peace_activists_to_deter_future_flotillas . .
Canadian watched elderly man bleed to death on ship; Israelis fired on ship before boarding:

The Israeli soldiers crimes against humanity -- the murders and the beatings of women and elderly on the aid ships -- is matched by the crime against humanity of Obama's silence, and his refusal to rise in defense of the people. --Brenda Norrell/Censored News

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