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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mohawk Nation News: Mind Control Disaster

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Sept. 20, 2010. People have been conditioned to follow orders and not think for themselves. The Nazis and church knew how people could be destroyed for generations by taking children from a natural life and putting them into an artificial world. Mind control is sexual and mental abuse called social engineering.

German Nazi Heinrich Himmler and his researchers studied families who had abused their children for generations. The Third Reich wanted to continue creating obedient masses for the fascist world order.

After World War II in 1947 US President Harry Truman was persuaded to import Nazi mind control scientists. The CIA and National Security Act were born. Operation “Paper Clip’ was created to systematically remove civil rights. The scientists were placed in universities, governments and corporations.

MKULTRA, a CIA research program run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence was set up. Many victims unknowingly were given drugs, LSD and mental manipulation to alter brain functions. Files were destroyed in 1973 to avoid investigation. Over 30 universities and institutions were involved.

Mind control is an artificially designed identity. They know intuition, our connection to the natural world, is repressed through sexual abuse to separate the instinct from the mind. Perverted sex replaces natural relationships. The mind is unbalanced and results in disordered peoples.

For hundreds of generations the victimized white race was conditioned to memorize data, take orders and not to question. Their past and true culture were erased, repressed or revised. Today their minds are manipulated through pop culture such as music, movies, education, porn, drugs and all manner of remote control. There is no free thought, free will or compassion. Media tells them what to do, wear, eat and how to act. Distorted sexuality and narcissistic self-mage are constantly promoted. Care for the environment is almost totally disregarded.

The state wants mistreated kids to be turned over to their institutions. Psychiatrists and councilors advise troubled victims to further compartmentalize their brain, which makes them easier to influence. They are sought for training in jobs to work against their people.

Sexual predators are sent into our lives and communities. Residential schools were part of this strategy. Mental and sexual abuse tried to separate us from the natural world and our survival instinct. We were to be made incomplete, dysfunctional, to distrust sincere caring people and have difficulty reasoning or remembering. To avoid beatings, torture, death and forget the horrors, we had to appear obedient.

Mind control cults and religions based on altered knowledge are now being adapted and inserted into our communities.

Ongwehonwe means real humans forever who adhere to all that is natural in an unaltered creation. Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law teaches us that we have the ability to reason.

Human energy comes from using both our intellect and intuition together. We are complete when the oyentera, orenda and the onigonra work together [mind, body and energy]. We pass on our ways through our language, stories, songs and culture.

Is the white race waiting for their orders? And what are their orders?

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Anonymous said...

interesting article. no doubt that today's youngsters are governed and ruled by popular culture. Living in NYC and watching these cliques, you see no individuality.

how weak and dependent the mind is that one person like hitler who knows all too well the workings of it to use for his own will. There are plenty of examples in today's modern world.

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