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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glen Cove Occupation: Earth Day

Glen Cove Occupation: Earth Day

(Sat., April 23, 2011) Over 300 people attended today’s Indigenous Peoples Earth Day celebration, in support of the ongoing struggle to protect the Glen Cove sacred burial ground from desecration.
Many races and creeds were represented in the attendees, who included Alcatraz Occupation veterans. Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis (in photo on left, with Wounded Knee on right) received a guided tour of the land. More:
In other news, Morning Star Gali met with traditional Patwin Tribe elders on April 22nd and received their blessings and support for our work of protecting Sogorea Te. Indigenous representatives from the Committee to Protect Sogorea Te are in the process of meeting with elders and tribal council members of the other tribes/nations who have ancestral ties to Glen Cove.

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