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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal family's wealth is from the blood and genocide of Indigenous Peoples

Censored News challenges the London Guardian to expose the real source of the wealth of England's 'Royal' family: The blood, genocide and natural resources of Indigenous Peoples

by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The media refuses to examine where England's 'Royal' family got their wealth: from the blood and resources of Indigenous Peoples.
Instead, the media wants the world to celebrate this opulence, greed and genocide.
Censored News challenges the London Guardian to expose the amount and source of the Royal family's wealth.
How much of this luxury has come from the blood of Indigenous fighting to defend their lands from colonization, theft, mining and destruction? How much of this opulence has come from the exploitation of the natural resources of the land, water and air that is now poisoned by mining, drilling and pollution?
Many Americans, especially those glued to TVs, would rather delude themselves with fantasy than look at the facts, or the true history, of exploitation, genocide and the rape of natural resources.
It is easier for them and it leaves more time for shopping. It makes lives of denial easy. They do not want to concern themselves with what has really happened, and is happening, because of the crimes of England, the US and Canada.
As long as the media can keep the spin going, and the lobbyists ensure profits by way of government legislation, there's nothing like a fantasy wedding to distract from the real issues. Few want to examine the truth of Guantanamo, US torture or the US role in narcotrafficking and US gun running in Mexico. Few want to know the truth of the bogus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the US plans to wrap new nuclear disasters and power plants in the label of "green" and spin this into fantasy economies. They've targeted Indian country as usual.
Some of the elected chairmen and councils have painted a new smile on oil and gas drilling in sacred places. The US Energy Dept. is ready for them, with their slick promises of jobs to disguise toxic genocide. They'll all be taking their expense accounts derived from coal-fired power plants, logging and mining revenues, to DC and Virginia soon.
The media keeps playing their marching band tunes.


Doctress Neutopia said...

Good essay. Some of us do want the truth.

Unknown said...

Please don't say things like this on the week of Her Majesty's 90th birthday.