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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glen Cove Sacred Place: Day 6 of Occupation

Day 6: Spiritual Gathering to Protect Glen Cove Continues
* Ceremonial Tipi Erected at Site
* State Senator Noreen Evans Tours Sacred Site; Promises to Encourage
Resolution of Dispute
More photos from today have been posted on our website:
Watch coverage on KTVU News:
As the spiritual gathering being held by local tribal members and
supporters at the sacred burial site at Glen Cove in Vallejo entered its
sixth day, State Senator Noreen Evans and her staff toured the site and
met with leaders of the spiritual vigil. Senator Evans pledged to work
with all parties to achieve a just resolution of the ongoing dispute.
Also today, a traditional ceremonial tipi was erected by tribal members
next to the sacred fire. The tipi is part of the ongoing spiritual
gathering being conducted to protect the burials and culturally
significant site from desecration by the development and bulldozing
planned by the Greater Vallejo Recreation District.
Over 60 people were at Glen Cove this afternoon, participating in the
spiritual gathering and singing traditional and ceremonial songs. Hundreds
more have pledged to respond if necessary to stop desecration of the site.
Last night, 200 people came to the site to defend the spiritual gathering
and protect the sacred site after GVRD threatened to call in the police to
remove people from the site tonight. An agreement mediated by the United
States Department of Justice resulted in GVRD dropping their plans to
attempt to remove the tribal members and supporters from the site.
Glen Cove is located near the intersection of South Regatta and
Whitesides Drive in Vallejo.  For more information and directions: &;>
* Corrina Gould 510-575-8408
* Morning Star Gali (510) 827 6719
* Norman "Wounded Knee" Deocampo 707-373-7195
* Mark Anquoe (415) 680-0110

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