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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Walk 3 Arrives in Minnesota!

East Grand Forks, Minn.: Congratulations to the long walkers and runners on the Long Walk 3 northern route who just entered Minnesota! A special tribute goes out to the three Native youths who are walking and running across America for a second time. They were also on the northern route in 2008: Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo; Craig Luther, Navajo; and Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone. Cheyenne River Lakota elder Paul Owns the Sabre is also on the northern route, an original walker from Long Walk 1978, who was also on Long Walk 2 and other walks and runs. Thanks also to walkers Manny Calapoo and Bad Bear for sending cellphone photos to Censored News! Thanks for these photos from Chris Francisco, Navajo from Shiprock, N.M., for photos from East Grand Forks.
CONTACT: Northern Route Chris Francisco, (503) 515-6239
Northern route's website with map and schedule, videos and more:

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