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April 24, 2011

Navajo John Redhouse: Farmington NM Police Brutality

By John Redhouse, Navajo
Censored News
In light of the latest incident of police brutality committed against Navajos in Farmington, we can see that nothing has really changed since the 1945 police beating death of former Navajo tribal chairman Deshna Clah Cheschillige and the 2006 police shooting death of Clint John.
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Navajo John Redhouse: Farmington NM Police Brutality


Dine said...

John Redhouse: I noticed you had blog. It's good to know that other Dine' people have blogs. I couldn't find any other Dine' who had a blog. I actively surfed for it. Anyhow, I like your blog. Informative.

I think I read the book Broken Circle because I was interested in this topic. I am a Dine' filmmaker. I think it is a great topic for a feature drama because of the injustice I viewed about the Dine' people and non-Dine' such at Farmington, New Mex. I have travelled through there. I visit a couple who live near by Kirtland, New Mexico. The last time I visited them was in 03; also, the last time I visited AZ.

Have you thought about writing this experience you wrote about as a screen play story from your point-of-view without copying Barker's.

Wouldn't recommend a major film studio. They'd butcher it but it also depends upon who understands Indigenous people and all that, the executive or producer you work with. You never know. You'd be fighting everything for your script. Mostly the producers in those major studios do not know more than know about Indigenous people or about the Dine' people. To me, it's dah.

I'd like to help you get it done in some way. Therefore, do you mind if I talked with you further in detail about this.

Brenda can give you my e mail. Arlene Bowman or you can answer through my blog:
Will send this message to your blog. Hope I receive a message back.


Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

In Farmington, NM, I was fired from the Daily Times after exposing the newspaper for distorting the truth about white teenagers attacking and beating Navajo teenagers with baseball bats in the early 90s. The teens were attacked at a convenience store and had broken bones. The newspaper editor and staff knew the facts and distorted them. One of the white teen attackers was a Farmington judge's son. The newspaper was later sold and now has new owners. I reported this to the US Civil Rights Commission. It was just one of so many attacks, attacks which continue today. Many Navajos, and other American Indians, have died, and continue to die, as a result of the tortures and beatings in Farmington, N.M., and around this bordertown. --Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News