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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Struggles for land and justice: Splitting the Sky nominates professor Anthony Hall for peace award

Struggles for land and justice: Splitting the Sky nominates professor Anthony J. Hall for peace award

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ALBERTA, Canada -- Writing a peace prize nomination, Splitting the Sky, Mohawk, weaves together events that have solidified the movements of Indigenous Peoples. From Oka to Gustafsen Lake, the histories of struggle are found in this tribute to professor Anthony J. Hall. When Splitting the Sky attempted a citizens arrest of former President George Bush for war crimes, Hall was among those who assured the world that Bush should be held accountable.
Today's submission to Censored News begins with correspondence between Splitting the Sky and Hall, and continues with a tribute to this legacy of struggle.--Brenda Norrell, Censored News
Read peace award nominating letter and correspondence:

Photos Winona LaDuke with Apaches: No to telescopes on Mount Graham

San Carlos Apaches met with Winona LaDuke at Northern Arizona University to protest NAU's involvement in the telescope project on Mount Graham, which has led to destruction on the sacred mountain. Photos copyright Rick Johnson, published with permission.
Also see: 'Public records request: Did NAU dupe Indian donors?' by Center for Biological Diversity'
'Protesters NAU get off Mount Graham' by Klee Benally and MT Garcia

AIM West: Local and global struggles 2011

AIM West, from the UN Permanent Forum to Chiapas, Gaza and El Salvador

By Brenda Norrell
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AIM West photo 2009 by Brenda Norrell

AIM West continues its efforts with local and global struggles for Indigenous Peoples. Lenny Foster, Navajo, is confirmed to speak at the Commemoration for Warriors of Wounded Knee '73 at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, on Friday, Feb. 25. The film "Older than America" will be shown.

AIM West will attend the meeting of the Seventh Generation Fund and the discussion of Treaties in March, focused on the UN Permanent Forum to be held in May, 2011. The North American Indigenous Caucus Meeting will be held in Eureka, Calif., in March. At the UN in New York in May, Native youth are encouraged to participate and join with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu and El Salvador Mayor Alvarado of Izalco.

AIM West received invitations for AIM representatives to join an EZLN delegation to Chiapas, and the next Gaza Flotilla to Palestine. A spiritual and cultural exchange with communities in El Salvador is also underway. AIM West continues its efforts for freedom for Leonard Peltier. (Read more details in AIM West's February report below.)

Western Australia: Walk Away From Uranium Mining

Walk away from uranium mining
Time Sunday, August 21 at 9:00am - October 30 at 4:30pm
Location Wiluna, Western Australia
This event is a walk from Wiluna, Western Australia to Perth from August 22nd, 2011 to October 30th, 2011. The walk will be aimed at connecting with and supporting Aboriginal people who are opposing the new proposed uranium mines in Western Australia.
Footprints for Peace invites you to become involved in this and there are many ways that you can actively participate in this project.
We would like to invite you to come to Western Australia and walk with us. For a day, a week or for the entire 10 weeks.
Registration form is available at If you are unable to join us, then please let all your friends know about it. You never know who may take up this opportunity and join us.
Please forward this article or email onto any friends, media or newsletters to help us get the word out.

Native Concert: Stop Uranium Mining at the Grand Canyon

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