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May 20, 2012

Facebook billionaires just got richer with your personal info

Sleeping with the enemy:
Facebook billionaires just got richer with your personal info

Update: The good news is that on Monday, May 21, investors
dumped Facebook at the stock market. Now Facebook can
do the right thing, and return its billions in profits to its
users, whose info and trust Facebook abused and betrayed.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Facebook was sued for $15 billion for tracking users after they signed out, as Facebook shares went on sale Friday with your information. Facebook billionaires just got richer with your personal information, as investors bought shares on Friday.
As Anon Ops Sweden said on Twitter: "Mark Zuckerberg essentially just sold a big list of people's phone numbers to telemarketers. What the ---- u cheering for?" (Zuckerberg's stake is $19.2 billion.)
If you haven't done so already, it is a good time to delete Facebook, or at least your real phone number, street address and birthdate. This info is used in bank and identity fraud.
Also, the street addresses have been used in home robberies when people say on Facebook that they are away from home.
Facebook users have been very trusting of Facebook, assuming their information was kept confidential, without realizing how it is shared, or how users are tracked.
Intelligence agents have also reaped the benefits. For example, Israeli intelligence agents halted activists from ever leaving their home airports during the Gaza fly in. Israeli agents said they gathered the info from Facebook.
Already Facebook stores the IP address of every place you log in from, information easily obtained by others, and tracks you online even after you sign out.
Remember Facebook can change the rules anytime it wants, as to what it can do with your personal data.
As Wikileaks says on Twitter today, "Facebook is a mass surveillance tool. You put your friends into it, you betray your friends. Do friends betray friends?"
"Facebook records everything you do, hands it over to the US government and corporations."
To delete your Facebook:
Beware: After you delete your Facebook, don't respond to an e-mail asking you about it. It is a virus:
Bloomberg: Facebook sued for 15 billion in suit over user tracking:
PC World: Your Facebook photo could appear in ads:

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