Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

May 9, 2012

Photo: Stop the Coal Train, Save Mother Earth

Coal train on its way from Montana to Canadian ports via Washington State and then White Rock, B.C. right across the border, for sale in Asia, polluting the planet to fuel 1% greed. Many thanks to the 12 arrested and their support who stopped the train. Photo by Rob Baxter.
Salish Sea Solidarity among friends in Washington State and in B.C.!
 May 6, 2012: Yesterday we prevented 5 BNSF coal trains from entering BC to unload coal at Westshore Terminals. We physically stopped a 6
th train on the tracks at White Rock BC at 6 pm, at which point 14 good citizens were arrested for violating a court order not to interfere with BNSF operations. Read more:

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