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May 17, 2012

Oklahoma Capitol: Indian Territory Revival May 20, 2012


SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012

By Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Treaties SPIRIT
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The Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Treaties (S.P.I.R.I.T.) presents the first ever celebration of native history in the State of Oklahoma.  Every year American Indians sit by and watch as state citizens and governments celebrate 89er Days, Land Runs and Pioneer Pride.  These celebrations typically occur during the months of April and May.  In keeping with the goals of the grassroots group, S.P.I.R.I.T. is hosting a statewide celebration of Native American History.
On Sunday, May 20th, a score of talented and world famous Native American performers, entertainers and speakers are coming together to do something that has never before been done in the State of Oklahoma.  An innovative lineup is planned to perform at the Oklahoma State Capitol South Lawn to counter the 89er Day and Land Run Celebrations in Oklahoma.  The headliner act is Culture Shock Camp, featuring Shock “B” and Quese IMC, Oklahoma City natives who travel the United States presenting an educational perspective on American Indian culture through music.  Joining them are Little Mike & Funny Bone, Pawnee brothers who are well known in the music industry as “Mike Bone” for their youthful and inspiring message.
Comedian and Singer, Chad Tahchawwickah also joins the line-up, along with other well-known performers Terry Tsotigh and Cecil Gray both from the group “Indian Soul Men”.  The crowd will hear from traditional storytellers Gordon Yellowman and Stella Dyer Long.  Sapphire Satepauhoodle and C.A.S.T. Productions both are presenting historical skits.  Drum Groups of Wild Band of Comanches and Woodson Creek will take part in the festivities that also includes hand games and stick ball exhibitions.  The amazing artist, Steven Paul Judd, created the colorful and eye-catching flyer for this event.  S.P.I.R.I.T. expects attendance to reach at least 200 people. Tables and booths will be set up to showcase and sell Native American arts, crafts, music, t-shirts, and foods.
S.P.I.R.I.T. hopes to counter the 89er Day and Land Run Celebrations in a fun, positive, educational way that will increase awareness of our true history and promote pride in Native American youth.  All participants are renowned in the entertainment industry as positive role models for healthy living and healthy lifestyles.  
This is a free event that is open to the public of all ages, races, national origins or sexual orientation.
For more information contact Brenda Golden at 405-471-7610, Marilyn Grammar at 405-203-8349 or Lewis Tall Bear at 405-201-0259.  Find us on Facebook at the event at!/events/357974900914953/.

Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Treaties
May 17, 2012

Contact: Brenda Golden, spokesperson     

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