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May 3, 2012

Arizona ignored threat of border militia exposed by Anonymous

Arizona ignored threat of border militia exposed by Anonymous

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TUCSON -- Anonymous' Lulzsec hacktivists exposed Arizona police files last summer, revealing white supremacists and border militia were widespread, dangerous and heavily armed in southern Arizona.

Those hacked files revealed that armed white supremacists and border militia were largely ignored by Arizona police. Further, the Arizona media, out of fear, did not report the facts from those hacked police files or expose the danger. In fact, the Arizona media, refused.

On Wednesday, JT Ready, leader of the US Border Guard who appeared in photos and videos heavily armed on Arizona border patrols, apparently killed four people, including his girlfriend, her daughter and a 15-month old baby, in a murder-suicide that left five people dead in Gilbert, in the Phoenix Valley.

At the root of white supremacy in Arizona is the Arizona government, responsible for laws targeting people of color and the recent banning of Mexican American Studies in Tucson public schools and dozens of books by award-winning Chicano and Native American authors.

JT Ready had his friends and influences in the Arizona government.

When Anonymous’ Lulzsec exposed the Chinga La Migra files in the summer of 2011, Censored News published an article, with a video showing JT Ready, heavily armed, and on patrol in Arizona.

The article is: “Hacked data reveals US Marines as contract killers, hunting migrants on the border.”

Censored News also published another report from those hacked files in July, showing the danger to Arizona border residents. Border residents of the Sasabe area, bordering the Tohono O'odham Nation, were never informed of these dangers.

“In the leaked files of Chinga La Migra, a police report describes an encounter with a heavily-armed man at Sasabe and states there is a ‘mercenary-type; action planned for this area.

“In this second e-mail from police files, agents working in the town of Sasabe in March said they were approached by a man who engaged in a conversation with agents.” The agents said the man had a Glock pistol Saiga shotgun, 10 round magazine and a 20 round drum magazine.

“He stated that he is soon to receive funding in the amount of $350,000.00 from what he described as ‘Concerned citizens’ and that he planned to use this funding to bring up to five men into the area," the police report states.

Later, in October, when JT Ready showed up heavily armed at the start of Occupy Phoenix, Native Americans and anarchists responded with alarm at the presence of Ready and heavily armed members of the National Socialist Movement.

The Phoenix Class War Council said, "This attitude towards the NSM scum played out, quite predictably, along racial lines, with whites being the only ones to express attitudes of tolerance towards them. This points to the continuing importance of addressing racism and the continual appeal and relevance of racial privileges within the movement. Indeed, we can expand this argument to the whole attitude of the bulk of the white movement towards the police. Experiencing policing in quite different ways than people of color in general, white middle class liberals mistake their own experience for that of others, and routinely attack anyone who questions the alleged 99 percent status of the police, or points out their quite obvious tendencies towards violent action, as violent themselves. To question the violence of the police is to be violent, according to this backwards analysis."

As for those Arizona police files exposed by Anonymous’ Lulzsec, there remains many files revealing the extent of white supremacy and racism in Arizona, and the failure of Arizona police and the US Border Patrol to protect and save lives.

In one of those files, Arizona police point out that a ranch where police go to practice roping near Nogales is also a route of the Mexican drug cartel. The e-mail expresses interest only in the safety of the officers, and no concern for the safety of the people of southern Arizona. The cartel told officers to “look the other way” when they are off duty.

In another e-mail, Arizona police point out that the US Border Patrol based in Why, Arizona, near Lukeville, are leaving migrants to die in the desert south of Phoenix.

The extent of the white supremacy movement in Arizona is also revealed in those files, and the extent to which Arizona police ignore them.

Also exposed in those Arizona police files were the ATF Project Gunrunner's Weapons of Choice, with photos, from 2008. Project Gunrunner began in Laredo, Texas, in 2004, a fact that most media ignore.

The only high point in those police files exposed by Lulzsec is the information on a vote by a Phoenix area chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police. It is a vote of no support for racist and anti-immigrant Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Chinga La Migra files, I, II and III remain online.

UPDATE May 7, 2012: --Arizona border militia JT Ready shot the 15-month old baby in the head during the murder-suicide. Also, according to this article, weapons seized at the scene will be part of investigations into domestic terrorism.
The same area where JT Ready led heavily armed 'border patrols' in southern Arizona is the same area where migrants were found murdered. These areas include the Eloy, Arizona, region, where vehicles were attacked and migrants murdered, and also along the Arizona border.
This report by Derechos Humanos shows some of the murdered migrants whose bodies were found, and the locations in Arizona:

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