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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facebook blocks: Shenandoahs perform in Palestine

This photo of the Shenandoahs in Palestine was blocked by Facebook at 6:26 am this morning, Wed. Jan. 11, 2011. Although Facebook says there is a problem with the jpeg image file, as you can see there is no problem with the photo.
Photo Shenandoahs perform in Palestine: Courtesy Joanne Shenandoah: Joanne and Leah Shenandoah in Manger Square, Bethlehem, Palestine on Dec. 24.
From the Oneida Daily Dispatch
BETHLEHEM, Palestine — Oneida musician Joanne Shenandoah and her daughter Leah were part of an international ensemble which performed at Manger Square in the city of Bethlehem, Palestine on Christmas Eve.
The Shenandoahs sang John Lennon's "Imagine" for the Project Peace on Earth initiative in front of the Church of the Nativity, where Jesus Christ is purported to be born. Tens of thousands of pilgrims from around the world assembled before the edifice maintained by the Roman Catholic, Armenian and Greek Orthodox churches.
The Shenandoah performance was followed by a concert at the new Bethlehem Convention Center on Christmas Day. The Palestinian government recently opened the $30,000,000 facility located next to the "pools of Solomon" in Bethlehem.
Joanne Shenandoah presented a Haudenosaunee flag to Khouloud Daibes, minister of Tourism and Antiquities for the government of Palestine.

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Facebook blocks Tucson ethnic studies post

The following post was blocked, as shown in the screen capture above, by Facebook on Wednesday morning, Jan. 11, 2012 at 5:50 am:
Photos of march and rally Tuesday night, as Tucson school board voted to end ethnic studies immediately, as the ruling Nazis in the Arizona state government threatened to withhold millions in education funds.