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September 20, 2014

'Four Day of Action to Protect our Home, the Salish Sea'

Compassion Games International - Protect the Sacred

Our Dear Friends and Beloved Relatives,
This weekend marks the momentous beginning to the 4 Days of Action to Protect the Salish Sea. This explosive expansion of human consciousness in the heart of the Pacific Northwest is about to change everything. Together we are the living representation of Nawtsamaat, “One House. One Heart. One Prayer. United in Power to Protect the Sacred.” The spirit of its making lives within us each, and is brought to this world when we are bound together by the love we have for our home - this precious land and water - and our love and compassion for all beings who have called it home from time immemorial. A sleeping spiritual giant has been awakened. We protect what we love.

And truly, we could not be more honored to stand with such remarkable people, friends and allies.
Here is the major Action Lineup for this weekend. Keep in mind that there are many events happening during the 4 Days of Action. The following are some of the largest cross-community events happening in the Salish Sea region:

Saturday - September 20th
1. International Rally to Protect the Salish Sea - “Climate Change Knows No Borders: The Defense of the Salish Sea is Without Boundaries”

Description: On September 20th, as world leaders gather for the UN Climate Summit in New York, Canadians and Americans, First Nations and Native American tribes, and all the diverse communities of the Salish Sea will gather at Peace Arch Park to send a unified and clear message to world leaders, as well as to our own local elected officials: it is time for unprecedented action to defend the Salish Sea and our global climate from fossil fuel development.
We will reach out across the border, literally taking each other’s hands; share our struggles and aspirations for a livable planet; and pledge to take unified action to protect the climate and the ecosystems, economies, communities and cultures that cohabit the Salish Sea bioregion.
Join us to stand together with people from across the border and around the world to demand a rapid, dramatic and equitable transition to a clean energy future.
RSVP at the Facebook event here:
There are busses leaving Seattle with a recommended donation of up to $15. There are also carpooling options. Busses leave at 10:15am, for more information, go here:
Sunday - September 21st
2. People’s Climate March - Westlake, Seattle @ 1pm
Description: Join us for a rally and march on September 21 in solidarity with the People's Climate March in NYC  (where hundreds of thousands of people will be gathering in solidarity) calling on the U.N. Climate Summit to take urgent and serious action to stop climate change.
Every day a new report highlights the imminent disaster posed by the climate crisis and continued reliance on fossil fuels.
We call for a massive expansion of clean energy that would create green union jobs, as a solution to both the environmental and economic crises.
We can't solely rely on elected officials. We must build a powerful grassroots movement that demands a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.
The Puget Sound, a region with high fossil fuel pollution, has four of the state’s five highest cancer rate counties – Whatcom, Pierce, Snohomish and Skagit. Rather than curbing pollution, our communities face a number of new fossil fuel projects that threaten the lives of people and the environment - explosive oil trains, coal trains, and the construction of coal export terminals.
The false dichotomy between jobs and the environment must be rejected. Let's stand together – environmentalists, native tribes, and labor to demand investment in renewable energy not fossil fuels. We need to create and expand work that promotes healthy communities and protects the environment for future generations. We need jobs that pay living wages and allow families to live with dignity. We need to fight to ensure there is a just transition for those workers whose jobs are replaced by a new energy economy.
RSVP and find more information here:
3. Historic Treaty Signing Ceremony at Tsleil-Waututh Nation for the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea
Description: On Sunday September 21st, join us at Tsleil-Waututh Nation in British Columbia for a Salmon Dinner, West Coast Drum and Dance, and speakers reporting on the the work it has taken to create the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea. The Treaty reflects Indigenous laws that have been in place to protect the land and waters of the Salish Sea region since time immemorial. You won’t want to miss this historic occasion.
Date/Time/Place: Sunday, September 21st, 6-9pm @ Tsleil-Waututh Nation Community Centre.
Address: 3010 Sleil Waututh Rd | North Vancouver, BC V7H 3A8 | Canada
RSVP and learn more here. No one will be turned away, but a donation is recommended!:
Lastly, you are also invited to make the Symbol of Unity for the Nawtsamaat Alliance your profile picture on Facebook. Mention in the description why you love this place and want to see it protected, and why you are proud to be a part of the Alliance!

If you have any overall questions, send an email to

Thank you, an infinite times over, for all that you do.

In Unprecedented, Unified Action,
Joey Crotty with
Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
Sweetwater Nannauck
Sundance Chief Rueben George
Jon Ramer

Joey Crotty

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