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September 22, 2014

Indigenous Medicine Peoples Statement to UN Climate Summit

Indigenous Elders at UN Climate Summit: ‘We Can No Longer Wait for Solutions From Governmental and Corporate Leaders’

Contact: Shawn Mulford                                                        
September 21, 2014           
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NEW YORK – The UN Climate Summit hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon serves to catalyze ambitious action on the ground to reduce emissions and strengthen climate resilience. The Summit also intends to mobilize political will for a global agreement to limit the world to a less than 2-degree Celsius rise in global temperature.
The anticipated absence of both Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the Climate Summit added validity to the Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council’s statement, “Today, we lack leadership. We have misplaced our trust in governmental leaders and the leaders of industry. They failed us by trying to maintain their profits, economies and their power over the people.”

Today, in advance of the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday, September 23rd, environmentalist, indigenous peoples and activist will be marching in New York to bring attention to climate change. The Indigenous Council encouraged the marchers by stating, “Know that you yourself are essential to this World. Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. We must sacrifice and move beyond our own comforts and pleasures. We must stop the damaging activities and begin working on restoring the natural environment for the future of All Life.”
The Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council send the following message to the United Nations and World Leaders ahead of the September 23rd Summit, “The people of the world cannot continue to ignore Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, the Natural System of Life, the Natural Law and our connection with All Life. We strongly urge all leaders to work and consult with us, the spiritual people of the Earth, to solve the world’s problems, without war. We extend to you an open invitation and extend our hand to you, so that together we can begin to shift from the path of self-destruction to the path of peace, harmony and balance with All Creation.”
The Council urged the people of the world to “restore the Sacredness within ourselves, within our families, within our communities and within our Nations. We must respect, follow and uphold the Creator’s Natural Law as a foundation for all decision-making, from this point forward” and “work in unity to help Mother Earth heal so that she can bring back balance and harmony for all her children.”

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