Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 29, 2014

Listen: Are Indigenous Issues sold out at the UN?

Indigenous Peoples' summit pushed out of the spotlight

Updated 29 September 2014, 11:54 AEST
During a frantic week in New York when world leaders gathered to discuss climate change and the security situation in Syria and Iraq, a meeting of the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples has largely slipped under the radar.
Many of the delegates wanted to be involved with the climate discussions, which they consider to be vital to the future of their peoples, but conveners controversially ruled out climate change from the agenda, as well as the thorny issue of demilitarisation.
Kalama Oka Aina Niheu from Hawaii is a member of the Pacific Caucus and she says there is growing concern that the landmark United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is in danger of being sold out.
Presenter: Richard Ewart
Speaker: Kalama Oka Aina Niheu, member, Pacific Caucus

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