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September 25, 2014

First Voices Indigenous Radio: Mapuche author Pedro Cayuqueo

By Liz Hill
Censored News

One of John Kane’s guests this morning on “First Voices Indigenous Radio” was renowned Mapuche journalist and author Pedro Cayuqueo. Amalia Isabel Cordova provided interpretation. If you missed John's fascinating conversation with Pedro, who has become a recognized voice not only for Mapuche issues but also Indigenous and intercultural intellectual debates across Latin America, you can still listen to the show at - search “Archive.” Tonight, Pedro will talk about his three books and life at Conversation with Pedro Cayuqueo: “Esa ruca Ilamada Chile,” 6 p.m. at NYU, Hemmidinger Hall, 100 Washington Square East. RSVP at (Photo by John Kane)

Listen now to today's show, hosted by John Kane, Mohawk:

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