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September 23, 2014

Greenpeace just took over a coal train!

You can see video clips rushed by bike from the stopped train, read the stories of the people on board, and sign the petition to end dirty coal here:
Hi Udinesi
I'm on top of a coal train right now with 49 ordinary people, who believe so passionately that we need to stop climate change, we've stopped a train reaching Cottam power station in Nottinghamshire. We flagged it down at 2.30pm and right now, we’re shovelling coal off the train.
It’s pretty dirty work but I’m here with good friends, and we know it’s the right thing to do.
At this same exact moment, thousands of miles away in New York, global leaders are coming together for a hugely important meeting about the climate.
But while world leaders like David Cameron talk, there’s a plan to give energy companies in the UK millions of pounds of tax-payers' money to keep old coal power plants burning.
See what's happening on top of the train:

I'm blocking this coal train today to show our leaders that it’s time for action. David Cameron is at the global leaders meeting. When he gets home, he needs to scrap the plan to give tax-payers' money to keep coal power plants going.
And Ed Miliband needs to set out his plan to get us off coal. That could be enough to persuade energy companies to shut down coal plants instead of patching them up.
Click to see photos and video, and read stories:
There are 50 of us on this train in Nottinghamshire, but Greenpeace is millions of people around the world. Together we’re working for a green, peaceful future powered by renewable energy. We want a protected Arctic, and a world of oceans and forests teeming with life.
Back on the train, we’ll hold on for as long as we can – but to truly get our message out we need thousands more to support our call:

Thanks for all that you do,
Fran, from a coal train in Nottinghamshire

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Anonymous said...

You know every time you turn on your computer to post this ineffective effort to change mother nature`s natural warming after an ice age you turn on hundreds of computers and servers around the world just to send an illogical battle against normal climate change. Oh yeah the Arctic Ice cap is 69% larger this year than last so send your polar friend home.