Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 20, 2014

'Water Ceremony' New York photos by Roberto Nutlouis


Photos by Roberto Nutlouis, Dine' from Pinon, Arizona

Gearing up for the Peoples Climate March, and World Conference of Indigenous Peoples in New York: Navajos join other Indigenous Peoples for Water Ceremony 
Ya'at'eeh (Greetings) My name is Roberto Nutlouis. I am a Dineh (Navajo)
from the community of Pinon AZ. My clans are Bitter Water, born for Big Water. 
Roberto Nutlouis

"Awesome way to be welcomed to NYC. Celebrating/ honoring life Indigenous way - Gift and Water Ceremony." 

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Wanbldi said...

Authentic traditional indigenous ceremonies are not done in public or a camera Len's. this again is exploration of our cultures and red way of life. the oppressors of our own domesticated kind that run back for the rewards and lifestyle of empire, and to be the famous colonized activist and the real sellout gatekeepers and managers of all first nations peoples systematic persecution, repression, oppression, indigenous cultural genocide, under the cloak of first nation authentic traditional leadership, which they are not! What have they truly done for the Great Spirit, the Tree of Life and all Living Thing's in there life time, to liberate and free our People from this disingenuous white society of thieves. robbers, and murders and covets of our Red Homelands, Cultures, Peoples, Resources and Spirituality. and Destiny as the Immortal New Dawn of a New Humanity and a New Existence of genuine Peace!