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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pte Ospiye Spiritual Camp at Bridger begins resisting Black Snake tarsands pipeline

Chief Arvol Looking Horse blesses new camp resisting Black Snake tarsands pipeline

By Joye Braun, Lakota
Censored News
Today April 12, 2014

Joye Braun
Cheyenne River Lakota
The Pte Ospiye Spiritual Camp in Bridger has its grounds blessed today by the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe. Campers and organizers of the camp started the journey of the camp in Green Grass, South Dakota, with prayers and then caravaned to Bridger for the blessing of the grounds.
Tipis will be set up Monday, and grounds will be worked on while the camp progresses. The campers were told by elders to camp, just camp, and pray everything will work out in the end. So that is what they are doing. The camp is awaiting promised funds to be deposited into their account with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, in the meantime, they are in desperate need of support from the outside community who are also worried about the Black Snake Crossing ancestral lands and treaty land.
Donated supplies can be sent to Pte Ospiye Camp c/o Toni and Byron Buffalo at 532 Chinatown, EB, PO Box 863 , Eagle Butte 57625 monetary donations can be sent to CRST Madam Treasurer PO Box 590 Eagle Butte SD 57625, remember to earmark your donation to the Spiritual Camp in Bridger.
Campers are welcome to come. We ask that you come prepared to work and to be responsible. The nights get cold. Bring a tent, warm sleeping roll and remember it is expected to get wet and cold.
Cheyenne River Lakotas at Bridger, South Dakota 

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Zapatistas invite Indigenous for exchange in May 2014

To: The Sixth in Mexico and the World
From: Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Enlish, French, Dutch and Italian translations:

Compañeras, compañeros and compañeroas of the Sixth:
We send greetings from all of the Zapatista men and women of the EZLN
We want to let you know about our next steps:

1. Native Peoples: During the week of May 26 to 30, 2014, in one of our Caracoles, we will have an initial exchange with brothers and sisters from different native peoples and indigenous organizations. During this exchange, we will all share our ways of thinking and histories of struggle and resistance as indigenous peoples. For this initial exchange, we are inviting particular organizations and native peoples from Mexico, including: the Kumiai, Rarámuri, Náyeri, Wixárika, O'odham, Nahua, Zoque, Coca, Purépecha, Hñahñu, Mazahua, Amuzgo, Ñuu Savi, Me’phaa, Ñuhu, Totonaco, Popoluca, Binnizá, Chinanteco, Mazateco, Ikoot, Chatino, Afromestizo, Triqui, Maya Peninsular, Tzotzil. Tzeltal, Chol, Zoque, and migrants.
In the future, we will invite other native peoples from Mexico and the world. This exchange is a closed event and is ONLY for the native peoples and organizations that are explicitly invited. Those people who have not been invited will not be allowed to enter.
2. On Saturday, May 31, 2014, in the Caracol of Oventik, we, along with some of our indigenous brothers and sisters, will present the conclusions from our initial exchange and a circulate a declaration about how we will proceed in our struggle against the dispossession we suffer and for our indigenous rights and culture. This event is open, all are invited, and whoever wants and is able to may attend. This will begin at approximately 1400 hours.
3. On Sunday, June 1, 2014, also in the Caracol of Oventik, we will have a modest homage to our deceased compañero: Don Luis Villoro Toranzo. This event is open, all are invited, and whoever wants and is able to may attend. It will be at approximately 1400 hours, and will include the participation of the comandantas and comandantes of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee- General Command of the EZLN, writer Juan Villoro, and Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.
4. From Monday June 2, 2014 through Sunday, June 8, 2014, in the Caracol of Oventik and at the CIDECI facilities in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, there will be a seminar—that is, some talks—on the theme of “ETHICS IN THE FACE OF DISPOSSESSION.” This event is also in honor of our compañero Don Luis Villoro Toranzo. The seminar is open, all are invited, and those who want and are able to may attend.
The seminar will begin with a session in the Caracol of Oventik on June 2, 2014, at a time yet to be confirmed, with the participation of the EZLN. The seminar will continue on June 3 in CIDECI-UNITIERRA-Chiapas, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.
This seminar is organized by the EZLN, CIDECI-UNITIERRA-Chiapas, and collectives of students from the Zapatista Little School in Mexico and the World. The following artists and intellectuals will participate, among others: Carlos González, John Berger, Dr. Pablo González Casanova, Dr. Adolfo Gilly, Dr. Immanuel Wallerstein, Neus Espresante, María de Jesús de la Fuente de O’Higgins, Gustavo Esteva Figueroa, Juan Villoro, Dr. Raymundo Sánchez Barraza, Dr. Paulina Fernández Christlieb, Hugo Blanco Galdós, Raúl Zibechi, Dr. Marcos Roitman, Dr. Sylvia Marcos, Dr. Gilberto López y Rivas, Greg Ruggiero, Karla Quiñonez, Dr. Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas, Corinne Kumar, Dr. John Holloway, Magdalena Gómez, Dr. Luisa Paré, Dr. Alicia Castellanos Guerrero, Maestra Ana Lydia Flores Marín, Dr. María Eugenia Sánchez Díaz, Dr. Eduardo Almeida Acosta, Julieta Egurrola, Dr. Arturo Anguiano Orozco, Dr. Fernanda Navarro, Beatriz Aurora, Efraín Herrera, Antonio Ramírez Chávez, Gloria Domingo Manuel “Domi,” Dr. Márgara Millán, Servando Gajá, Lic. Bárbara Zamora López, Malú Huacuja del Toro, Dr. Sergio Tischler Visquerra, Dr. Jérôme Baschet, Dr. Ángeles Eraña, Maestra Mariana Favela, Profesor Enrique Ávila, Claudia Aguirre, Alejandro Varas Orozco, Rosario Hernández, Manuel Rozental, Vilma Almendra, John Gibler, Dr. Eckart Boege Schmidt, Pablo Reyna Esteves, Roco, Guillermo Velázquez, Moyenei Valdés, Hebe Rosell, Amparo Sánchez “Amparanoia,” Modesto López, Marta de Cea, Nicolás Falcoff, Óscar Chávez, Sergio Rodríguez Lascano, and a few more who have not yet been confirmed.
5. During this seminar, the EZLN will announce a proposal for a new initiative for the National and International Sixth.
6. Over the next few days we will be announcing more details about these events.
Also, I wanted to let you know that, if his health permits, Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos will be present and may participate in some of the public events.
That’s all.
From the Mountains of Southeastern Mexico,
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés
Mexico, March 2014, the 20th year of the war against oblivion
Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista

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