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June 30, 2016

107 Nobel Laureate Attack on Greenpeace Traced Back to Biotech PR Operators


107 Nobel Laureate Attack on Greenpeace Traced Back to Biotech PR Operators

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Apologies for the short interval but we could not resist writing up this short story.

Published today (July 1st 2016) on Independent Science News:

107 Nobel Laureate Attack on Greenpeace Traced Back to Biotech PR Operators
by Jonathan Latham, PhD

Synopsis: When 107 Nobel Laureates demanded that Greenpeace cease its opposition to GMOs and "golden rice", no one in the press seems to have asked if the event was organised by the biotech industry. They should have.

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Jonathan Latham, PhD
Executive Director
The Bioscience Resource Project
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."—Edward Bernays, Propaganda


Peace and Dignity Runners at Hungry Valley

Photos by Buck Sampson, Northern Paiute
Censored News

Peace and Dignity Runners arrive at Hungry Valley

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Peace and Dignity Runners arrived at Hungry Valley Indian Community near Reno, Nevada. Runners are on their way to Pyramid Lake Paiute. The northern journey ultimately meets runners coming up from South America. The ceremonial run has runners beginning in Alaska and Argentina, then joining together in Panama.

Northern Paiute Buck Sampson, among those welcoming the runners, said, "The Peace and Dignity run is an ancient Maya prophecy in which an Eagle and Condor are facing each other with their necks intertwined, both Birds joined together as equals in unity. The elders said Condor represents the Indigenous people of the south and Eagle represents the Indigenous people of the north. The elders said there needs to be a way to connect Indigenous people of north and south. After talking it was decided a Spiritual Run would be a way of connecting the two. Every four years runners begin their journey at opposite ends of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres."

Read more of Peace and Dignity Journey:

Photos copyright Buck Sampson, Censored News

Mohawk Nation News 'Electrified Genocide'

Facebook just blocked the direct link to this MNN article.

Facebook has blocked the direct link to this MNN article. Facebook came up with two schemes within minutes to block it. -- Censored News

Western Shoshone: 'No' to Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain

Resilience Run: Tribute to Pueblo Revolt of 1680


Roberto Rodriguez: 'Mexican as a slur and epithet'

Loving and Hating "The Mexicans"

by  Roberto Dr. Cintli  Rodriguez
Censored News
Photo: Professor Roberto Rodriguez being searched at Tucson Unified School District meeting

For many people in the United States, the very name "Mexican," is considered a slur or a racial epithet. No expletive is required. It is not to be used in public or uttered in polite company. And yet today, more than ever, it has become part of the national discourse, compliments of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.
Funny thing is, if a Mexican wanted to insult someone, usually it would include an expletive in front of the name or after it. But in this case, Mexican is its own expletive.

Natives oppose Eagle Pass, Texas coal mine permit


Eagle Pass, Texas is home to the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe
on the border of west Texas and Mexico.
Photo: Protest of coal mine in April 2016.

Contact: Vanessa Ramos
                       Matt Johnson
Austin: July 6, 2016: Demonstration at TCEQ Headquarters in Opposition to Dos Republicas Coal Mine

Austin, Tex. -- Several Native groups, elected officials, environmental and social justice advocates will hold a demonstration and press conference at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to call on the agency to deny the wastewater discharge permit renewal and expansion for the Dos Republicas coal mine near Eagle Pass, Texas. The Dos Republicas coal mine is contaminating Elm Creek and the Rio Grande River with toxic chemicals and heavy metals that make the water unsafe for drinking and recreation, and damages the local economy. Rather than addressing this problem, the TCEQ is poised to rubber stamp a new water permit for the coal mine, but the voices of Eagle Pass residents will be heard.

A press conference featuring native and local voices opposing the Dos Republicas wastewater discharge permit will be held following the hearing at 10:30 a.m. outside the building. Speakers will be available for public comment and interviews.

What: TCEQ wastewater discharge permit renewal and expansion hearing on the Dos Republicas coal mine

When: Wednesday, July 6th; Hearing at 9:30am, Press conference at 10:30am (pending TCEQ vote)

Where: TCEQ Headquarters: 12100 Park 35 Circle, Room 201S, Bldg. E Austin, TX

Who: Speakers include: Tane Ward, Senior Organizing Manager for the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, Mayor of Eagle Pass Ramsey English Cantu, State Senator Carlos Uresti, State Judge David Saucedo, Tribal Chairman of Carrizo Tribe Juan Mancias, and Martha Baxter, Representative of Maverick County Environmental and Public Health Association.

Visuals for Media: People will be wearing white shirts, holding banners and signs.  


Vanessa Ramos
Associate Press Secretary, Beyond Coal 

Award Winning Playwright to Sail to Break the Siege of Gaza

Acclaimed Playwright to Sail on Women's Boat to Gaza
Photo of Naomi Wallace 
by Gregory Costanzo

Acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Naomi Wallace has been selected by the International Women's Boat to Gaza to represent the United States on the Women's Boat to Gaza, scheduled to launch in fall 2016.

Wallace has written over 17 plays, including The Fever Chart: Three Short Visions of the Middle East. She is co-editor of Six Plays from Palestine and the Diaspora. Her work has received the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the Kesselring Prize, the Fellowship of Southern Writers Drama Award and an Obie Award. She is also the recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship. Wallace has taught at a number of universities including Yale and UCLA.
In explaining why she wanted to be a passenger on the boat, Wallace said:

"The collective venture of the Women's Boat to Gaza is an act of defiance against the criminal incarceration of and frequent acts of war against an entire population, the majority of whom are children. I am a playwright. It's both my duty and inspiration to engage with and attempt to expose systems that diminish us, like occupation, racism and brutality."
The Women's Boat to Gaza seeks to challenge the Israeli military occupation and naval blockade of Gaza, which has been deemed a form of collective punishment and a violation of international law by the United Nations and human rights groups.
It is also intended to show solidarity and bring a message of hope to the Palestinian people, particularly the women. Wallace will be joined by nearly a dozen women from other countries. The Women's Boat to Gaza was launched at the invitation of civil society within Gaza.
Colonel (Ret.) Ann Wright who has traveled on previous flotillas notes:

"We are thrilled to have Naomi accept the invitation. The United States is a major provider of the weaponry that Israel has used on civilians, including those in prior flotillas. It is critically important for us as Americans to support Naomi and the other women as well as to encourage our elected officials to do the same." 

In her acceptance, Wallace highlighted the historical "clouds of witness" that influenced her:

"In the spirit of revolutionaries like Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Anne Braden, and, more recently, the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as in opposition to the tax dollars given by the United States to the state of Israel, our small boat stands for our commitment to solidarity with Gaza and Palestinians everywhere."

Wear our t-shirt, logo on front, 
Women's Boat to Gaza in all our coalition languages on back.  
Men's and women's sizes, available now, $25 plus $5 postage. Contact Kit Kittredge, to order. 
Ask about discounts for bulk orders to sell at fundraising events.
Our U.S. national goal is $30,000.  Please help by holding a fundraiser in your community.  We can send fliers and a powerpoint presentation on Women's Boat to Gaza for the program.
We ask for your continued support and donations to the Women's Boat to Gaza.
See what's happening on our social sites
Women's Boat to Gaza, c/o Nonviolence International, 4000 Albemarle Street, NW, Suite 401, Washington, DC 20016
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June 25, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Five Nations Council Seating'



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MNN. June 25, 2016. The true government of the rotino’shonni is the teken’tiokwan’hoxta, the circle of 49 families. The band and tribal councils are CROWN corporations that do not legally represent us. Kevin Deer, at a recent meeting of the Enaahtig Healing Lodge & Learning Centre in Barrie Ontario, announced that he was giving up his job in the Kahnawake language program, to work with the World Bank on a “financial reset”. A Haudenosaunee World Bank is being created using our land as the major asset. A Six Nations elder who attended said that the bankers are the main shareholders. This is outright theft. The onkwe’hon:weh system of decision making cannot be manipulated.
TEKENTIOKWANHOXTA, the circle around our 49 families, forms the foundation of the constitution of the rotino’shonni, Iroquois. We protect our unborn children who own great turtle island. Two intertwined concepts of protection are our responsibility to mother earth and nature; and kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, the path provided for us to follow.  iekaia’taieri means we are complete. The power is the family. The will of the people is expressed by the circle of 49 families.
Clan families are in place to carry out our duties. Women carry out their roles and responsibilities according to kaia’nere:kowa. They place the men in their duties. The peace takes hold in all of kanien’keh.
ken'non'kwe run the show.
ken’non’kwe run the show.
kanien’keha:ka – People of the Flint 
rotiniaton – Turtle Clan
tekariho:ken [2 opinions] – Well keeper, keeper of the Eastern Door. War Chief sits under him.
  1. Aionwa:tha – [He who combs] – Created Condolence Ceremony along with tekanawita after losing his daughters.
  2. sha’tekari:wate [Of equal matter] – deputy to tekariho:ken.
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. sharenho:wane [The Great Tree Trunk] – it is you who will care for the upright tree we have, that is, the great tall tree, the great long leaf. It will be your work to see that the branches increase in size.
  2. teionhehkwen [Double life] – this will be your work: their sustenance, those living here on earth.
  3. orenrehko:wa [The Great White Eagle] – they have chosen you to help them with the Great Peace, and will all work together.
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. tehana’kari:ne [Dragging Antlers] – you will all cooperate in your work. When the task is done, they will all have antlers on. You will all divide into fire sides, which is what we will call your nations moieties.
  2. ahstawen’serenhtha [They drop down the rattles] – When it is complete, our rooted tree with its four protruding roots, the Great White Roots, then you will be the one to help with it’s growth and fruiting and with the operation of peace so that it will spread on earth.
  3. shohskoharo:wane [The Great Wood Drift] – When the Great Peace is complete, there will be a fire with smoke rising which will pierce the sky. There you will work to help them in furthering the enlargement of the branch of peace.
onenio’te’a:ke – People of the Standing Stone
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. rotahsehte [He has the quiver over his shoulder] – As to you, you are the ones with no clan, and now they have chosen you. This then is what we shall call it: the turtle clan will become their families.
  2. kanonhkwenio:ton [Standing Ears of corn].
  3. terihakwen:te [Through the Opening].
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. shononhses [Their House is Long] – You will help now that they are completing their League of chiefs, and extending the house towards the East and West, as the longhouse is oriented, and it will become a single family of many nations as have combined in their power. This is how you will help them: with ongoing matters concerning the League, the Great Law and the Peace.
  2. tehonare:ken [They split the branches] – which means now it is done, and now it is becoming a single person. So this is how you will help them: with the furtherance of mutual respect among all chiefs’ families who have now combined.
  3. atia’tanentha [They slide themselves down] – which means now that the task is done, and they are now one family, the Five Nations, all are related, everything and they are happy. That is how you will help them: with the furtherance of peace.
ratiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. tehawahtahontenion [Their ears are hanging] – which means that since it is in operation, the Good Message, the number of them who have accepted it are all rejoicing. All are related and respect one another, and they are a single family, which is what they live by as ongoing families.
  1. ronia’tashaion [Slow to drink] – which means the league is completed and all have their marks of identity, and having placed antlers on them, when it is functioning, the great peace, then this is how you will help: by seeing that all should accept it, those inhabitants who have not yet accepted the good message, those who have delayed, so that all will become united.
  1. ronawatshatohon [Covered in mist/fog] – which means since it is completed, everything has stopped, the slaughter and scalping and bloodletting of their own people, their own nations. So this is your work: as to all the clubs they use to kill people, when someone will take them and bury them in the earth, then peace will emerge among the people.
ononta’ke’a:ke: People of the Hills 
  1. thatotarho [He’s Hooked] – Keeper of the Records/Wampums, overseer of the Confederacy Council.
Beaver Clan
  1. awenhnisera:ien[They’ll pick a day] – now that it is accomplished, this is a land of peace, it is your work to help with the furtherance of the Great Peace, and you two will cooperate with thatotarho.
  2. tehatkahthos [they look around] – you will be looking all around along the standing house, wherever there are families of the League, and this in y our work: you will help advance their progress towards making a circle around the place of the fire, the Great Council Fire, and you will cooperate with all the chiefs.
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. rohniasanon:waks [Their throat is sore] – your name which measns that several nations, when they hear about the good message, and if they visit your house, your league, you will work at their accepting the Good Message of the Great Peace.
rotiswa’’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. awenken:iate [On the Surface of the Water] – when it is complete, the fireplace of the power and the peace, your work is to further everything related to bringing about peace for the inhabitants of the earth.
rotiniaton – Turtle Clan
  1. tehaia’tkwa:ren [One Side of their Leaning Body] – your work is to stand up in front of the people and also the chiefs in order to advance unanimity, to bring it about among the several nations.
Great Wolf Clan
  1. rononwirehton [He disappeared] – they have chosen you to stand at the center of the group at the place where the fire is, the Great Fire of the Great Law of Peace. Placing their confidence in it, for it means that it is moving along, the Good Message Great Law, and everyone will be happy, all of the people.
rotishennakeh:te – Deer Clan
  1. kawenhnosero:ton [Hanging Strings/Words] – which means that one should not weaken the good message and the Power and Peace, and that it should get furthered, the Great Law.
  2. arihron [He Spills/Tips it] – which means that your work, once the task of combining the power is completed, is to advance the good message among the settlements o that everyone will be happy by day and by night, and that now t he war path will stop.
Eel Clan
9.roiennien:ni [He Was Made to Do] – which means that it is your work, as they enter, the various nations, to see that they will accept the Good Message which will advance relationships and the mutual tolerance of Peace.
  1. shota’kwarahson [He the Bruiser/He Chases People away] – which means that it is your work to help them as the several nations are forming under a circle again, and all are watching the place of the fire where the smoke is rising, piercing the sky, for it will save them when they accept the Good Message.
  2. shakokenhne [He Saw Her Before] – you will treat them all equally, the people of this group, and you will give them the Good Message which they will accept, and that is what will save them from trouble.
  3. rarserethon/ohahshaha:wi [He’s Carrying the Light/Torch] – it is your work now that all of the families will be established as a single house, to see that one will use it to live by, the power which will be functioning for peace.
  4. skana:wati [Other side of the Swamp]\ – now that it is getting completed, the League, everything concerning the warpath, and now they are dismantling the paths they used to use to cross over the rivers and swamps, and it is ending, the warpath.
kaion’ke’a:ke – People of the Pipe/Swamps 
rotskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. tehaka’en:io [He looks/He’s Observing] – when called upon to hand out the responsibilities of the Chiefs of the Cayuga nation he had this to say, “now as for us, they are already completed, the appointments of our nations.”
rotiswa’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. tsinontaweron [He Looks at Bugs]
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. kota’kwarahson [It’s Bruised]
  2. shoion:wes [He Has a Long Wampum Belt]
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. atia’seron:ne [They pile it]
Heron Clan
  1. teiohronhionko [It reaches the sky]
  2. teiothore:kwen [Very cold]
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. tawenhe’ton [Two things happening]
  2. hatontaherha [He’s carrying a log]
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. teskaheh [More than eleven]
shotinon’towane’a:ka – People of the Great Hill 
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. skaniatari:io [Beautiful lake] – called upon to help hand out the responsibilities to the chiefs.
rotihnhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. sha’tekaronies [Two Skies the same langth] – called along with skaniatario:io to hand out responsibilities.
rotiniahton – Turtle Clan
  1. kana:kare [Arrow] – your work is for the League, so that the Peace will progress by their continuing to enter, every nation speaking every language, and thus it will become complete, the Power at the fire, the Great Fire of the Great Law of Peace.
rotiswa’kari:io – Hawk Clan
  1. shoken’tio:wane [He has a big forehead] – which means that the task has been completed, it having become one family, the Five Nations they now have united, they have one head, thee chiefs. Thus your work is to further it, to the degree that it is complete, thee Great Law of our knowledge in charity.
rotinhehsi:io – Snipe Clan
  1. nishaie:nen [Falling Day] – your work is to see that it should not topple again, now that they have completed the task of finishing their house and the tasks of placing antlers on the chiefs, and planting their rooted tree, that is the Great Tall Tree, the Great Long Leaf, and lighting a fire whose smoke rises up, piercing the sky. So this is what your work is: it should not topple, for if it does, this is our death.
rotiskare:wake – Bear Clan
  1. satie:nawat [He grasps it] – you will help further the good message and the power, they now have just one body and just one head and just one heart and just one family, and there is just a single house at the place where they have formed their relationship group of chiefs. Thus your work is to not let it spoil by continually renewing the ongoing family.
rotinnhehsi:io- Snipe Clan
  1. kaon’kerita:wi [His hair is singed off] – Confederac War Chief.
ronathahion:ni – Wolf Clan
  1. teioninhokara:wen [He keeps the door open] – Confederacy War Chief ladies
“So now it has been completed, the seating of our Five Nations Council”. 
From there tekanawi:ta and the mothers of each of the chiefs bestow antlers upon the chiefs thus finishing the formation of the League of Five Nations. [nia:wen women of ganien’geh].
Haudenosaunee Development Institute HDI and Haudenosaunee World Bank are private corporations. These villains have no authority under the laws of this land based on creation to collateralize our mother. She is not a prostitute. No one can steal our land and our birthright. We have a responsibility to defend our mother from anyone who rapes or disrespects her. Every family of great turtle island must be consulted on anything concerning the land, which is not for sale.
Now we stand as brothers. Let us plan this tree, water its roots. It’ll go from sea to sea. Watch it grow to the sky and bask in its shade. It represents the unity we know have made.

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