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June 6, 2017

Nnee/Ndee’Ba’Aweolzaa Hii’Bii’Jii (A day made for Apaches) Celebration, June 18, 2017

Photo by Sandra Rambler, San Carlos Apache -- Apache youth enjoying the waterslides provided as part of their celebration of Nnee/Ndee Ba'Awolzaa' Hii'Bii'Jii (A Day Made for Apaches) which was formerly known as the Apache Independence Day celebrated annually on June 18 as a declaration of recognition for the San Carlos Apaches. Numerous events have been scheduled including an Apache Ranch Rodeo, co-ed softball tournament, men's and women's basketball tournament and a horseshoe tournament and booths will be available for vendors.

Nnee/Ndee’Ba’Aweolzaa Hii’Bii’Jii (A day made for Apaches) Celebration, June 18, 2017

By Sandra Rambler, Executive Secretary
Office of Vice-Chairman, Tao Etpison
(928) 475-1600, ext. 1631 or
(928) 961-1238

SAN CARLOS, Arizona –The annual gathering to celebrate the tribal holiday “Nnee’Ba’Awolzaa Hii’Bii’Jii” will be held on Sunday, June 18th on the lawn of the new Mitchell Hoffman Tribal Administration building downtown San Carlos, Arizona.  In conjunction with the festivities, an Apache Family Ranch Rodeo will be held at the Bob Key Memorial Rodeo Grounds, co-ed softball, basketball and horseshoe tournaments with other events.
Meanwhile, the winner for the June 18 Naming Contest was announced by Vice Chairman, Tao Etpison.  The winner was Lacey Jordan, tribal member from the Seven Mile District.  Her entry was, “Nnee ba’awolzaa Hi’bi’jii” which means, “A day made for Apaches.”
Vice Chairman Etpison also announced the winner for the logo contest which was Myron Starr, tribal member from the Peridot District.  His drawing entailed within a circle one of an Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer, one of an Apache man with long hair and wearing a scarf on his forehead, one of a woman with long hair, two teenagers of a young male and young female all embraced together within the wings of an Eagle.
“On June 18, 1934, Congress passed the Indian Reorganization Act which said Tribes can adopt its own Constitutions (Section 16) and/or obtain a Federal Corporate Charter (Section 17),” said Vice-Chairman, Tao Etpison.
“Our Tribe did both.  So, this is not really independence but classification or status designation.  Thank you to all the participants for their entries to name the right Apache word or phrase to name this day the June 18th Holiday and for all the entries for the Logo/Design Contest.”
“And congratulations to recent winner for the Logo/Design Contest, Myron Starr.”
Other planned events include water slides, inflatable movie screens/movie projectors, bouncy castles, live music from Aravapai, Sneezy Boyz, Chaka & Friends, Rez Roots and a live DJ, a fun walk/run, Apache playing cards, fry bread making contests, Apache Koolaid (Berry) contest, traditional attire for tribal members, traditional attire contest for tribal employees, talent contest, essay contest, tortilla making contest, fry bread making contest, bingo, horseshoe tournament, basketball tournament, co-ed softball tournament, traditional singing, arts and crafts displays, vendors, dinner with plenty of food for all followed by fireworks after sundown.”
“The Apache Family Ranch Rodeo will be held at the Bob Key Memorial Rodeo Grounds and will start at 6:00 p.m. with Jr. Barrel Racing, Men’s Barrel Racing, Women’s Barrel Racing, Ribbon Roping, 3-Man Team Tying, Chute Dogging, Team Roping, wooly Roping, Calf Roping, Steer Riding, Bull Riding followed by a Jackpot Team Roping and all entries will close at 3:00 p.m.”
“The horseshoe tournament and the basketball tournament will be held at the Snyder Burdette Memorial gymnasium.”
“The co-ed softball tournament will be held in the Seven Mile Wash District at their softball field.”
The celebration will be held downtown San Carlos and part of San Carlos Avenue will be closed all day.  Festivities will start at 12:00 p.m. with the display of the arts and crafts and vendors are all welcome to sell and must show proof of their business license or food vendor license to sell. The Apache playing cards will begin after 12:00 p.m. on the lawn of the old Tribal Administration building where a shade will be provided.  Bingo will begin after 12:00 p.m. on the lawn of the Wellness Center.  The waterslides will be set up from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Dinner consisting of traditional foods will be served.
“We welcome everyone, this is your celebration and come and join us.  We also welcome other tribes within our region as well as their tribal leaders,” concluded Vice-Chairman Etpison.
For arts and crafts display and vendor set up, contact Terrill Goseyun at the Apache Cultural Museum at (928) 475-2894.
For the Apache Family Ranch Rodeo contact Valerie Key at the Office of the Tribal Chairman at (928) 475-1600 or at (928) 200-5479.
For the co-ed softball tournament and horseshoe tournament contact Chris Duncan at (928) 200-0092.  The co-ed softball tournament will be held on June 16-18.
For the co-ed basketball tournament contact Art Salter at (928) 475-2483.
For transportation contact Bernie Kniffin at Nnee Bich’o Nii Program at (928) 475-5011.
For bingo contact Nina Bendle at the San Carlos Wellness Center at (928) 475-4875.
For the fun walk/run contest contact the San Carlos Diabetes Program at (928) 475-1200.
For the Traditional Attire contest contact Mary Jane Tapija at the Tribal Transportation Department at (928) 475-3222.
For the Employee Traditional Attire contest contact Santana Dillon at the MHTA building at (928) 475-1600.
For the traditional foods contest contact the Apache Language Program at (928) 475-5106.
For the video game tournament contact Tolbert Massey at (928) 475-2443.
For the essay contest contact Cheryl Mae Haozous at the San Carlos School District at (928) 475-2315.
For all other events or general questions, contact Sandra Rambler, Office of the Vice Chairman at (928) 475-1600 or (928) 961-1238.

San Carlos Avenue
P.O. Box 0
San Carlos Arizona 85550
(928) 475-1600
Fax (928) 475-2567

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