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June 14, 2017

Trump ropes Mexico into Human Rights Disaster Conference in Miami -- Migration from Central America

During an annual walk from Tucson to San Xavier, Tohono O'odham Nation, walkers remember those who have died on the border. Migrants from Central America, including many Indigenous Peoples, die each year on the Tohono O'odham Nation, after walking across countries in search of safety and a better life. Photos by Brenda Norrell, Censored News.
Trump ropes Mexico into Human Rights Disaster Conference on Migration of Central Americans

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Censored News
On Thursday, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will bring the governments of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico together in Miami for the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America.

The Trump Administration has roped Mexico into co-hosting this discussion on how to address the root causes of Central American migration. However, their “solutions” look like more of the same policies that created these problems in the first place; they plan to lower regulations to attract predatory transnational corporations under the “free trade” framework and further militarize the region to fight the failed War on Drugs and crack down on migrants and refugees.

Representative Alan Lowenthal of southern California has authored a letter to Secretary Tillerson calling for the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America to put the human rights of Central Americans and all migrants and refugees front and center. To have the biggest impact possible we need as many Members of Congress as possible to sign this letter, but the deadline to sign is fast approaching – Tuesday, June 13th at 5:00 PM EDT – so we need to pressure them to act fast!

Call your representative TODAY and ask them to join Mr. Lowenthal as a co-signer.

To call your rep:

Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, provide your zip code, and you will be transferred to your representative's office.

Sample call script:

Hi, my name is _____ and I’m one of Rep. ______’s constituents. I’m calling because I am very concerned about the upcoming Central America conference in Miami, sponsored by the governments of the U.S. and Mexico.
I’m very worried about proposals mentioned by Secretary Kelly that the U.S. plans to increase cooperation with Mexico to stop Central American refugees travelling through the country. This strategy is already underway and has created a human rights disaster according to the UN High Commissioner on Refugees and Mexico’s Human Rights Commission.
I’m also concerned about press reports that the U.S. is pressuring Mexico to take on a bigger role in Central American security programs. The awful human rights record of Mexico’s military and police is well documented; involving Mexican officials in Central American security programs is counterproductive to human rights.
I would like Rep. ______ to co-sign a Dear Colleague letter sponsored by Rep. Alan Lowenthal calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to make the defense of human rights, and especially the right to seek asylum, the cornerstone of all conversations at the conference and any commitments that come out of it. Will he/she/they sign on? You can contact Scott Walker in Mr. Lowenthal’s office to sign on.
Thank you very much.

The violence of US policies against migrants and refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras must end, and we must make sure every congressional office willing and ready to fight back speaks out now.

Solidarity has no borders!

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