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March 12, 2018

COAST SALISH: 10,000 March to Protect the Inlet -- Vancouver B.C.

Protect the water, land, and climate

On March 10th Coast Salish spiritual leaders and members launched an ambitious project in Metro Vancouver to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline. They raised a traditional Coast Salish Watch House near the pipeline route which will act as a base for resistance to the project. 10,000 people in Metro Vancouver marched in solidarity.
Photos by Coast Protectors
Censored News
Thousands of people walking peacefully and determinedly behind Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and Indigenous leaders from across Turtle Island to make our collective NO to Kinder Morgan's risky pipeline and tanker project heard across the country, and beyond.
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Watch House Going Up
Press Conference Video Below:
Thousands of marchers in British Columbia say no to Trans Mountain pipeline
By Lynda V. Mapes
Seattle Times environment reporter
BURNABY, British Columbia — Thousands of opponents of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil-pipeline expansion filled the streets of metro Vancouver on Saturday in the biggest pushback yet against the $7.3 billion project.

Planned along the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, the expansion already approved by the federal government of Canada is intended to nearly triple the volume of diluted bitumen oil flowing from Alberta to Burnaby in British Columbia to slake overseas markets’ thirst for oil. But the project has hit a buzz saw of opposition from First Nations and tribes on both sides of the border, the province of British Columbia and municipalities from Burnaby to Vancouver to Victoria.
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