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March 13, 2018

Mohawk Nation News 'Mohawk Eyes Wide Shut'


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MNN. March 12, 2018. Who are you listening to? The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw√°:ke Inc. [MCK Inc.] is a private corporation. Their bar lawyers help them set up the MCK Inc. municipality of Kahnawake.
MCK Inc. is a Government of Canada committee that provides administrative and operation services to the native people who own everything. These councils are in effect Canadian embassies representing foreign armed [called Peacekeepers] occupiers within our territories to steal our possessions and keep control over us. These puppets are elected by a small minority of followers who get jobs from the MCK Inc. committee. The MCK privately incorporated themselves and are making private laws and rules enforced by their goons. MCK Inc. has fraudulently taken possession of our land and assets without our permission.

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