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March 21, 2018

Facebook Caught in Spy-for-Dollars Scheme

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By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Some would call it karma. We were writing about how Facebook had provided a platform for the theft of the content and revenues of honest people, tee-shirt designers, hard working news reporters, and many others.
Then, at the same time, bam, Facebook gets caught with far more than screwing over the little people. It got caught with its major spy-for-dollars-of-your-data, with a crash costing it $50 billion in its market value since last week, and a call to testify before Congress about Cambridge Analytica.
Of course Facebook is still collecting your data, and not just for advertising purposes to sell you something.
The data is given to the military, law enforcement, political campaigns and global intelligence officers. No surprise here, but at least it gives us the names.
And, of course, Cambridge was just linked to the Blackwater founder. Again, no surprise here.

How trolls take over the conversation
The news reports have explained how trolls create trends on Facebook. First, they create arguments and drama, which heats up the clicks and sharing. This is another good reason to use "delete" and "block" so trolls don't take over the conversation.
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