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March 23, 2018

UTAH Pristine Canyonlands Leased by Trump Administration for Oil and Gas Drilling

(Photo courtesy of Josh Ewing, Friends of Cedar Mesa) This prehistoric masonry structure, located near southeast Utah's Recapture Canyon, is on on one of many parcels rich in archaeological resources that the Bureau of Land Management has leased for oil and gas development. At the BLM's March 20 auction, Ayers Energy bought 19 of 21 leases contested by historic preservationists.
Pristine canyonlands in southeast Utah leased by Trump for oil and gas drilling

Censored News

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that an "obscure company called Ayers Energy bought a bunch of controversial public-lands leases in Utah’s San Juan County — but who’s actually behind it?"
The Monticello area received some of the highest bids, with Context Energy LLC bidding $145,600 for a 1,600-acre parcel, according to the BLM. Other bidders included Ayers Energy LLC, Wasatch Energy LLC and Kirkwood Oil and Gas Inc, according to the data.
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