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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bears Ears Prayer Run -- 'Running to Heal our Lands and for Identity'

Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Yavapai Apache youths exploring, always running for the water. Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Ending a beautiful day of running with this sunset. Photo copyright Nicole Nells.

Bears Ears Prayer Run -- 'Running to Heal Our Lands and for Identity'
Sacred Strides for Healing Relay Run, Photos by Nicole Nells and Jackie Frank

Photos by Nicole Nells, Dine', and Jackie Frank, Dine'

Reflections by Jackie Frank
Published with permission
Censored News

Made it home, my face is burnt, tired, muscles are sore, but I still smile. This week was full of love and uniting together for one cause and supporting one another. It was all worth it, the sacrifice and the suffering, all for healing of our lands and identity.
I miss everyone and we will see each other again when our paths cross. Until than, y'all take care and keep doing your thing. Despite all the downfalls we always rise, stronger than before we knock down barriers and fight through obstacles. We all sacrificed time away from home and loved ones to commit to the prayer and healing.
It's good to take time away from society that blocks us from seeing the true beauty of nature. We lose our connection in the "fast paced" world we live in and forget our ways at times. Visit areas near and far from your homeland and take the time to pray and meditate. Occupy these areas often to connect, these sites are very powerful and beautiful.
Thanks to all those that supported this run. Whether you jumped in and ran some miles or your words of encouragement pushed us through, reassuring us we are doing the right thing. Your support and words is what moves us to keep this going and leaves us with hope. Our youth need the guidance and encouragement.
Sisters and brothers we are strong and resilient people. Our ancestors are proof of this, we been in tough waters and it won't get easier. Keep our culture and traditional values close everyday. Always pray, and take the time to offer thanks to our mother. Much love ❤🙏✊
--Jackie Frank#BearsEarsPrayerRunAlliance #StandWithBearsEars #HonorTribes #TreatyYear #Unity #OurLands #WeAreStrongerWhenWeBandTogether
Photo copyright Jackie Frank

Photo copyright Jackie Frank

Photo copyright Jackie Frank

Photo copyright Jackie Frank


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