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May 29, 2019

'Border wall is preposterous cover to seize land for oil and gas companies' Live from The National Butterfly Center on south Texas border

'Border wall is preposterous cover to seize land for oil and gas companies'

Govinda is live at The National Butterfly Center on the south Texas border

Video by Govinda Dalton

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MISSION, Texas -- "The Border Wall is nothing more than a preposterous cover for the oil and gas companies to put in pipelines between the Rio Grande River and our canal system, and poison our only fresh water source," said Marianna Wright, director of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas.

Marianna discovered U.S. government contractors here on private land in 2017, more than 9 months before Congress began authorizing any appropriations.
The National Butterfly Center filed suit and was warned that armed guards and eminent domain, the seizure of private land, would follow.
It was the "rape of the land" for corporations protected by the US government.
"Our Native plants are the host plants for butterflies," she said of the habitat here for butterflies, and the caterpillars which sustain the migratory birds.
The habitat in this corridor is quickly being destroyed by construction of the border wall, including light pollution, affecting the bees, animals and even the plants.
"The border wall is not about national security. It is being built over two miles inland in many spots."
The border wall will not stop people, drugs or weapons from entering this country.
"It is only going to create a hurdle for the truly desperate."
They will sit behind the border wall and get picked up by Border Patrol and be put in private, for-profit prisons, she told Govinda Dalton today.
"This whole scheme is the theft of taxpayers."

About this video

Govinda Dalton interviews Marianna Wright, director of National Butterfly Center. Govinda said, "Marianna explains the smoke screen Border Wall and the Pipeline, linking Texas Legislature Anti Pipeline Protest Bill HB 3557 to the Border Wall, to Pipeline Construction and the 3 proposed Liquid Natural Gas Terminals for the Brownsville Texas area, as well as the Jupiter Pipeline project, with 28 Environmental Regulations 'Waived' and a 200 foot easement.

"The Wall can be some miles from the actual Border with 'eminent domain' isolating the Butterfly Center, located in Mission, Texas, from over 1,000 acres of their land that runs along the Rio Grande. We haven't got into the Indigenous Graves / Sacred Sites Desecration, the faulty engineering and building this Wall on a levy, or the Impacts on the Local Tourist Industry of the Padre Island area, the dredging for the Shipping Channel and the facet that all of this is for Export .. Stay tuned for more," Govinda said.

Marianna Wright. Contact. Position: Executive Director. Address: 3333 Butterfly Park Drive: Mission: TX: 78572: USA; Phone: 956-583-5400 

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