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May 26, 2019

US Infiltrators: The Facts the U.S. Forgot at Human Rights Hearing in Jamaica

Photos: Attacks on water protectors at Standing Rock. 1 Those responsible for attack with dogs. 2 Heath Harmon 3 US militarized law enforcement. 4. Water Protector attacked by dogs. 5. Deep cover infiltrators at Standing Rock and Iowa.

The paid FBI informant, Fusion Center, special ops military infiltrator, and US excessive force that the United States failed to mention during international human rights hearing

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The United States failed to take responsibility for the excessive force resulting in serious injury at Standing Rock, and for placing an FBI informant in the camp of water protectors during the US testimony at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.

In Jamaica during the human rights testimony, the United States focused the blame on private mercenaries, referring to TigerSwan, and private security firms hired by Dakota Access Pipeline, following the testimony of a Native Women's Delegation.
The women described the criminalization of Indigenous Peoples, militarization of their homelands and horrific abuse carried out by US law enforcement at Standing Rock, and along the border by US Homeland Security's Border Patrol agents.

In response to the women's testimony, the United States did not mention Heath H
armon, of Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota.
Harmon worked for the FBI as a paid infiltrator and is responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of Red Fawn, as revealed by reporter Will Parrish of The Intercept.

Two deep undercover operatives at Standing Rock and Iowa camps were exposed by the Special Forces Newsletter.
Other operatives were told not to ask about them. Their photos are above.

Those responsible for the attack using dogs on water protectors at Standing Rock on Sept. 3, 2016, including off duty and retired Bismarck police officers, are shown above.
Private security operative Landon Steele is present in the videos of the dog attack.
Although Steele, with the small white dog in camp, denied being an undercover operative, Steele was eventually exposed as an infiltrator.
The small white dog was a bomb sniffing dog. Steele and the dog appear in videos of the dog attack, as he and the dog are walking across the scene.

The US military Special Forces Newsletter states that TigerSwan and Silverton security were rivals.

Clearly the United States government, private mercenaries and private security firms hired by Dakota Access Pipeline, were responsible for the water protectors' severe injuries, arrests and imprisonments. For the security firms, it was all about the money.
Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier stated in a report in 2016, that TigerSwan advised a task force of U.S. law enforcement agencies who acted to bring in more law enforcement from throughout the U.S.
Among the clandestine organizers of the assault on water protectors was the secretive North Dakota Fusion Center, which organized US intelligence and law enforcement agencies for strikes on water protectors.

The National Sheriffs' Association played a major role in the militarized strikes. The Association lobbied Congress for militarized vehicles and weapons, as exposed by DeSmog Blog.
The southern Louisiana community of the President of the National Sheriffs' Association, Sheriff Greg Champagne, stood to gain there, at the end of Dakota Access Pipeline, with the construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

In a statement read before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Jamaica on May 9, Red Fawn said, "The only gun that was brought into camp was by Heath Harmon, an FBI informant."
As shown in videos, police wrestled Red Fawn to the ground at Standing Rock. Then, police claimed she had a weapon and fired it.
It is clear that Heath Harmon, who unethically engaged in a relationship with Red Fawn while acting as a paid FBI informant, was responsible for her arrest and current imprisonment.

The facts also reveal how retired military were used in militarized special ops in Standing Rock.
The Special Forces Newsletter revealed that retired Delta Force Sgt. Major John Porter was an infiltrator and provocateur.

Porter, using a walkie-talkie, urged water protectors to rush to the North Bridge, where many water protectors were seriously injured on Nov. 20, 2016, by US law enforcement projectiles. Police fired water cannons in freezing temperatures, and projectiles.

The article below describes the secretive intelligence center near Standing Rock in an airplane hangar.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the United States due to the excessive force at Standing Rock's Backwater Bridge on Nov. 20, 2016, Michelle Cook, Dine' attorney and founding member of the Water Protector Legal Collective, told the Commission.

Read more and view the photos of undercover and FBI operatives, and others responsible for the attack with dogs at Standing Rock.

US delegation focuses blame on TigerSwan and private security firms, not police, for excessive force at Standing Rock, at human rights hearing in Jamaica:

Read the live series of the testimony in Jamaica, at Censored News.

Copyright Brenda Norrell, Censored News

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