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March 12, 2020

Border Wall: Nature Weeps at the Violation in Ajo, Arizona

Photos and words by Maria Singleton in Ajo, Arizona, where 22 semi-trucks passed through in one morning alone as the border wall is being built. All federal laws are being violated that protect Native sacred places, endangered species and the land, water and air to build the border wall in the fragile Sonoran Desert. -- Censored News

Photos and words by Maria Singleton
Censored News

AJO, Arizona -- Protestors from different groups who are opposed to the Border Wall showed up in the pouring rain to silently to stand in front of the Curly school for an hour this morning. Mother Nature showed up and wept with us in solidarity as the wall continues to be built at a breakneck speed just south of here...destroying the land and violating indigenous sacred space. No wonder Mother Nature wept with us."

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