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March 26, 2020

Doctor says supplies needed on Navajo Nation as coronavirus spreads


Want to help fight COVID?

I am a doctor on the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, Arizona. We are being hit hard by COVID. We do not have enough gowns, masks, or face shields to protect all of the members of our triage, ER, and inpatient units. Here is what we need:

1. Homemade face masks - these will be given to coughing patients to contain the spread of virus among members in the home as well as for use in the ER or other clinic visits. We may also use them over top of the N95 mask to protect the N95 from contamination.

2. Homemade gowns for hospital personnel. We can send them through Hospital laundering services. This will help protect healthcare workers from the virus. Long sleeve, to the knee. Easily washable, probably cotton.

3. Face shields - people have been making these as well. This protects our eyes from coughing/sputum. These will be worn by healthcare workers seeing patients.

Usually, these are single-use items, but we are re-using all of them right now.

If you are interested in sending me any of these supplies, send me a separate message and I’ll get you my address.

Thank you
Sara Jager, MD
Lieutenant Commander, USPHS
Deputy Chief of Pediatrics
West Point, Class of 2000

Censored News is adding this contact info:

Other NameTuba City Indian Medical Center
Address167 North Main Street, ,
Tuba City
Arizona, 86045-0600
Phone Number928-283-2501
Fax Number928-283-2677
Authorized Official NameJoseph T Engelken
Authorized Official Title/PositionChief Executive Officer
Authorized Official Contact Number928-283-2781

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Send address to Tuba City, AZ and I will send good homemade masks & gowns.
Dorothy Black Crow