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December 29, 2020

Facebook shields Wounded Knee Massacre photos on anniversary, subverting history

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

WOUNDED KNEE. This photo on the Anniversary of the Massacre of Wounded Knee was shielded by Facebook today, in itself making a profound statement about the lack of truth in history in the U.S. and Facebook's role in subverting history and blocking the truth from view.

Facebook shields from view this image of the Massacre of Wounded Knee today. At the same time, Facebook glorifies the wealth and pomp of the so-called Royal Family of England -- whose riches were derived from the torture, murder, rape, and violent theft of land of Indigenous Peoples around the world. This history is shielded from view by history books and those who attempt to forget and erase history.

Facebook would have found a home in boarding schools and the reinventing of history, which concealed massacres and genocide and offered the white cup of capitalism.

This cover and warning by the Facebook censors appears over the image shown above of the Massacre of Wounded Knee today.

 A second photo of the Massacre of Wounded Knee was also covered by Facebook censors. It was posted by the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. 

We remember those who were massacred by the U.S. 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee in 1890, 130 years ago today:

Afraid Of Bear
Afraid Of Nothing Bear (Bear Fool)
Afraid Of Tomahawk
Appears Twice
Baby girl
Baby, Wet Feet (White Foot)
Bad (Bear) Woman’s son
Bad Braves
Bad Owner Without Rope
Bad Owner Without Rope’ wife
Bad Spotted Eagle (Cree)
Bad Spotted Eagle’s wife
Bad Wound
Bad Wound’s son
Bear Comes And Lies
Bear Don’t Run
Bear Lays Down
Bear Parts (Cuts) Body
Bear Parts (Cuts) Body’s son
Bear Sheds His Hair (Shedding Bear)
Bear Skin Vest
Bear Skin Vest’s wife
Bear Skin Vest’s daughter
Bear That Shoots
Bear That Shoots’ mother
Bear With Small Body
Bear With Small Body’s wife
Bear Woman
Chief Big Foot (Spotted Elk)
Big Foot’s wife (Small Tail)
Big Foot’s daughter (White Horse Woman)
Big Skirt (Shirt)
Big (Loud) Voice Thunder
Big Voice Thunder’s wife
Big Voice Thunder’ child
Bird Wings
Bird’s Belly
Black Flutes
Black Fox (Coyote)
Black Hawk
Black Hair’s wife
Black Shield's little girl
Brings White
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow’s wife
Brown Beaver
Brown Hoops
Brown Turtle
Brown Woman
Buckskin Breech Clout
Cast Away And Run
Cedar Horse
Charge At Them
Chief Boy
Chief Woman
Close To Home, Louis
Clown Woman
Comes Out Rattling
Courage Bear
Courage Bear’s wife
Courage Bear, George
Crazy Bear
Dewey Beard’s wife (Wears Eagle/White Face)
Dewey Beard’s son (Thomas Beard)
Drops Blood’s wife
Eagle Body
Elk Creek
Elk Creek’s wife
Fat Courage Bear
Feather Enemy
Ghost Horse
Good Bear’s wife
Good Boy
Grease Leg Bone
Grey Hand
Grey In Eyes
Hard To Kill’s mother
Has A Dog
Has Scarlet
Has The Bell
Hawk Flying
He Crow
He Eagle
He Eagle’s wife
He Eagle, Edward
Head Woman
Heart Of Timber
Her Eagle Body
Her Good Cloud
Her Scarlet Blanket
High Hawk’s wife
High Hawk’s son
High Hawk’s daughter
Horned Cloud, William
Horned Cloud, Sherman
Important Man
Iron American’s wife
Iron Eyes (Big Foot's brother)
Iron Eyes’ wife
Iron Eyes, Albert
Kills Assiniboine
Kills Crow Indian
Kills First
Kills In Bush
Kills Seneca
Kills Tin Cup
Kills Who Stand In Timber
Wife of Kills Who Stand In Timber
Kyle, Charles
Lap’s wife
Last Running
Last Talking
Light Hair
Little baby
Little Body Bear
Little Body Bear’s wife
Little Body Bear’s son
Little Body Bear’s daughter
Little Boy’s son
Little Elk
Little Elk’s wife
Little girl
Living Bear
Lodge Napkin
Lodge Skin
Wife of Log
Lone Child
Long Bull
Mrs. Long Bull
Long Medicine
Makes Presents
Medicine Lake Girl
Medicine Woman’s son
Medicine Woman’s son (2)
Medicine Woman’s daughter
Mercy To Others
Mule's Daughter
Not Afraid Of Lodge
Not Go In Among
Old Good Bear
Old Man Yellow Bull
Old Man Yellow Bull’
One Feather
Pass Water In Horn
Pawnee Killer
Picket Horse
Plain Voice
Pretty Bear
Pretty Bold Eagle
Pretty Enemy
Pretty Hawk
Pretty Hawk’s wife
Pretty Hawk’s baby
Pretty Hair
Pretty Voice Elk
Pretty Woman
Rattling Leaf
Really Woman
Really Woman’s Son
Red Buffalo (Red White Cow)
Red Eagle
Red Ears Horse
Red Ears Horse’s sister
Red Fish
Red Fish’s wife
Red (Scarlet) Horn
Red Juniper
Red Other Woman
Red Shell
Red Shirt Girl
Red Water Woman
Roots Its Hole
Rousing Squirrel
Rousing Squirrel’s mother
Running In Lodge
Running Standing Hairs
Running Standing Hairs’ wife
Running Standing Hairs’ daughter
Runs After
Runs Behind (Last Running)
Runs Off With Horses
Runs On’ sister
Sacred Face
Sacred In Appearance
Scabbard Knife
Scabbard Knife’s wife
Scares The Bear
Scares The Bear’s grandson
Scares The Bear’s grandson (2)
Scarlet Calf
Scarlet Calf’s son
Scarlet Calf’s son (2)
Scarlet Coat
Scarlet Otter
Scarlet Smoke
Scarlet White Buffalo
Scatters Them
Shakes The Bird
Shaving Bear
Shaving Bear’s child
Shaving Bear’s child (2)
Shaving Bear’s child (3)
Shaving Bear’s child (4)
Shedding Bear
Shedding Bear’s mother-in-law
She Bear
Shoot At Accurately
Shoot At Accurately’s son
Shoots Straight
Shoots The Bear
Shoots The Bear’s wife
Shoots The Bear, George
Shoots (With) The Hawk Feather
Shoots (With) The Hawk Feather’s mother
Shoots The Right
Shoots The White
Short Hair (Close Haired) Bear
Short Hair Bear’s child
Short Hair Bear’s child (2)
Short Hair Bear’s child (3)
Shot In Hand
Singing Bull
Singing Bull’s wife
Singing Bull’s son
Slippery Hide
Small Bodied Bear
Spotted (Speckled) Chief
Spotted Elk
Spotted Elk’s wife
Spotted Elk’s son
Spotted Elk’ son (2)
Spotted Elk’s son (3)
Spotted Thunder
Starts The Horse
Strike Scatter
Stone Hammer’s wife
Strong Fox
Strong Fox’s wife
Sun In The Pupil
Sun In The Pupil’s wife
Swift Bird
Swift Bird’s wife
Takes Away Enemy
Takes Away The Bow
The Ring
Thunder Hawk Woman
To Laugh
Trouble In Front
Trouble In Front’s mother-in-law
Trouble In Love’s wife
Twin Woman
Unintentionally Brave
Up To His Waist
Up To His Waist’s wife
Used For Brother
Walking Bull
Walking Bull’s wife
Walks Red
War In His
Water Snake
Wears Calfskin Robe
Weasel Bear
Weasel Bear, Louise
Whirlwind Bear
Whirlwind Hawk
Whirlwind Hawk’s wife
Whirlwind Hawk’s daughter
Whirlwind Hawk’s daughter (2)
Whirlwind Hawk’s daughter (3)
Whirlwind Hawk’s son
Whirlwind Hawk’s son (2)
White American
White Beaver Woman
White Bull
White Day
White Face Sun
White Feather
White Hat
White Man
White Mule
White Wolf
White Woman
Wing’s son
Without Robe
Wolf Eagle
Wolf Ears, Edward
Wolf Skin Necklace
Wood Shade
Wood Shade’s wife
Wounded Hand
Wounded In Winter
Yellow Bird Woman
Yellow Buffalo Calf’s wife
Yellow Robe
Young Afraid Of Bear
Young Bear
Young Good Bear

THE WOUNDED (partial list)
Afraid Of Enemy
Brown Eyes
Bear Gone
Bad (Bear) Woman
Bear Lays Down’s wife
Billy Woman
Dewey Beard (Iron Hail)
He Crow’s wife
Help Them (Helps Them Up)
Her Black Horses
Holy Woman
Kills Close To Lodge, Bertha
Kills White Man’s wife
Little Bull
Little Finger, John
Looking Elk
Looking Elk, Lydia
Put Away Moccasins
Run As Though His Hair Fussed
Runs Around Lodge
Sack Woman
Scaring Hawk
Walking Buffalo
White Cowboy’s son
Yellow Eyes
Afraid Of Hawk, Richard
Afraid Of Left Hand
Audacious Bear
Back Bone
Bad Boy
Bad Hand
Bear Cuts Body’s wife
Bear Don’t Run’s wife
Bear Runs In The Woods
Bear Sheds His Hair’s wife
Bear Woman’s daughter
Bear Woman, Edith
Big Boy’s son
Bird Shaker (Brown Bull)
Birds Afraid Of Him
Black Bugle
Black Crow
Blue Horse
Brings Yellow
Brown Hair
Brown Sinew
Chases And Kills
Cub Bear
Farms At The River
Good Horse’s wife
Good Scarlet Horn
Good (Pretty) Spotted Horse
Good White Cow
Grey Hand’s wife
Grey Hand’s son (George Randall)
Grey Owl Woman
Hair Pipe
Hard To Kill (Young Bear)
Hawk Bear (Eagle Hawk Bear)
Hawk Feather (Shoots The Hawk Feather)
Hawk Woman
He Crow, Jackson
He Eagle
Helper, Simon
Her Black Horses’s daughter
Her Brown Faced Dog
Her Cedar
Her Eagle
Her Elk Tooth
Her First
Her Neck
Her Room
Her Shawl
Her War Bonnet
Horn Cloud, Alice
Horn Cloud, William
In Front
Kill Her White Horse
Killed His Choice
Killed The Bear
Killed The Bear’s wife
Kills Against
Kills First, Leon
Kills First, Mary
Kills In The Middle
Kills One Hundred
Kills Two
Kills White Man
King Boy’s son
Knife, Nellie
Knocked In The Head
Kyle, Charles’ wife
Kyle, Charles’ child
Light Hair Girl
Little Bear
Little Body Bear’s son
Little Cloud
Little Cloud’s wife
Little Eyed Woman
Little Water
Little Water’s wife
Little Warrior
Little Wound
Liver Gall
Lives In Iron
Lives Reckless
Living Bull’s son
Living Bull, Helena
Long Bull
Long Bull, Helen
Long Feather
Long Holy
Long Woman
Lost Bird
Makes Him Mad
Not Stingy
Picks And Kill
Pipe On Head, James
Pretty Shield
Pretty Shield’s wife
Quit On Him
Red Belly
Red Fingernail Woman
Red Fish, James
Red Horn Bear
Red Stone
Rough Feather
Running Hawk, George
Runs After It
Runs Fast
Runs On
Sacred Blanket
Scarlet Rotation
Scarlet Tipi Top
Scout Tent
Sees The Bear
Sees The Elk
Seventeen, Patrick
Shawl Over Head
Shell Necklace
She Wears Eagle
Shoot The Bear (I Shot The Bear)
Shoots Straight’s wife
Shoots Straight’s child
Shot Him Off
Short Hair Bear’s wife
Shows His Cloud
Sinew Belly
Sits Poor, Frank
Sits Straight (Good Thunder)
Smokes Walking
Snow Over Her
Sole Of Foot
Spotted Bear, John
Spotted Eagle
Stands Looking’s wife
Stands Up For Him
The Brown
The Hawk
The Voice
Touches The Ground
Trouble In Front (Bear Sheds His Hair)
Two Arrows (Male Eagle)
Two Lance
Unties Shoestring
Walks With Circle
Wears Calfskin Robe’s wife
Wears Fur Coat
Wears Yellow Robe
White Cow Comes Out
White Eagle
White Face Woman
White Hair
White Hawk’s son
White Horse
White Lance (Horn Cloud)
White Woman Hand
Wild Man
Wind In Guts
Young Big Foot
Yellow Horse

Sources: “The Wounded Knee Interviews of Eli S. Ricker” and “Big Foot’s Followers at Wounded Knee” in Nebraska History Quarterly


Unknown said...

These pictures are hard to look at, but no harder than pictures of the holocaust. Do they cover pictures of the Holocaust?

MitchRitterLay-LowStudiosOre-Wa said...

Well said, Unknown. Thank you for reclaiming their souls and our national Trail of Complicity in Atrocity.

As a child of Holocaust concentration camp survivors and mortal victims, our generation understood that our parents may not have wanted us to see such photos, but so many of our working-class immigrant parents sacrificed what little they had to send us to summer camp or Hebrew schools and be taught this history in granular detail. Honoring those who didn't make it out alive came through communal and familial memory.

In our prayers and remembrances of fallen elders we say of each of the fallen Zikhronam(n) Li'brakha\May Their memory be a blessing and Aleyhem(n) ha'shalom\peace be upon them and Barukh dayan emeth\Blessed be the ultimate judge (Maker). I am grateful to have the individual names of those massacred and join the communal honoring by remembrance of their human souls. P-R-E-S-E-N-T-E

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