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December 16, 2020

Tohono O'odham Care Packages Arrive for Elders on Border

By Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham 
O'odham Voice Against the Wall
Censored News

To Friends and Supporters that immediately responded to our request. These Elders live in remote areas of O'odham lands. Due to political boundaries, food and supplies and virus essentials are not available.

Many prayers to the people with compassion to immediately respond to our request. Just an update, medications and food were successfully delivered on the 10th of December.

In appreciation, Ophelia  (Ofelia) Rivas' O'odham VOICE Against the WALL.

(Top photo) From California, care package arrived, we will get these to the Elders as soon as possible. Thank you for your compassion.

(Below) Care package arrived from Kinlani Mutual aid, Thank you very much for your donation. The Elders will appreciate these supplies.

Donations can be mailed to
Ofelia Rivas
P.O. Box 1835 
Sells, Arizona 85634

Ofelia Rivas on her homeland, Tohono O'odham Nation

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