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Thursday, January 9, 2020

O'odham Voice against the Wall brightens holidays for children

O'odham children, Sonora, Mexico

by Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham
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Thank you from O'odham VOICE Against the WALL for all the toy donations and funds for the purchase of toys. Every smile and giggle of each child receiving a gift is an awesome experience. We appreciate every effort to bring this joy to the children. We wrapped gifts the night before, coffee and snacks for us. Cupcakes were made and the largest pizza was ordered. The parents arrived with their little ones. Cynthia an O'odham photographer took each child's photo and printed as another gift to each parent. We look forward to the end of the year when again we will be seeking your donations.

O'odham Voice against the Wall 
O'odham Solidarity Project

Indigenous Elder Arrested in Court, Refuses Order to Stay Away from Trans Mountain Pipeline

Indigenous Elder Taken Into Custody After Refusing to Sign 500-Metre Stay Away Order from Trans Mountain Facilities

Two Indigenous elders are being targeted in a desperate attempt by Trans Mountain to stifle dissent, avoid accountability

COAST SALISH TERRITORIES (Vancouver) -- After a hearing in front of a packed courtroom, Indigenous elder and Mountain Protector Jim Leyden, 67, was taken into custody this morning for refusing to sign conditions that include he stay at least 500 meters away from Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) facilities. Leyden and his lawyer David Fai only found out today about the conditions, which were imposed this morning by BC Supreme Court Justice Shelley Fitzpatrick at the request of Crown Counsel Monte Ruttan. Leyden, who has suffered serious health issues over the past few months, could remain in jail until his next court appearance on January 29 at 9am.

On December 31, 2019, lawyers for Leyden and fellow Indigenous elder Stacy Gallagher, 57, were notified by the Crown that their clients were being charged with criminal contempt of court for alleged breaches of the TMX Injunction Order in November and December 2019. The Crown is charging the two elders after-the-fact using an affidavit of an RCMP official and video evidence. On the days of the alleged breaches--November 15, December 2, and December 18, 2019--the RCMP did not arrest Leyden and Gallagher, who were among many others near the Trans Mountain facility, nor did the police adhere to the "five step process" required by the TMX Injunction. Leyden and Gallagher have been the only ones charged so far from those dates. For now, Gallagher is also expected to abide by the 500-metre stay away order.

"This is a clear attempt to target those who are steadfast in monitoring the questionable activities of Trans Mountain," said Brandon Gosnell of the Mountain Protectors, a group formed in part to watch over the work of TMX to ensure the company is abiding by federal and provincial regulations. Leyden told Justice Fitzpatrick today that he was designated by Coast Salish Indigenous elders to play this role from the Watch House, an Indigenous-built structure that is explicitly excluded from the TMX Injunction. "The Crown, in lockstep with Trans Mountain, is trying to stifle any resistance to this pipeline and any efforts to hold Trans Mountain accountable," added Gosnell.

Leyden, Gallagher, and another Indigenous defendant were previously convicted of criminal contempt in October for arrests that took place in 2018, and they are currently awaiting sentencing on March 5 and 6. Leyden and Gallagher are fixtures at the Burnaby TMX facilities and in court, supporting those arrested for breaching the Injunction. Leyden and the Mountain Protectors have repeatedly raised safety, environmental, and regulatory concerns to federal, provincial and municipal authorities, but so far no action has been taken against TMX for the violations its been accused of.

The new charges represent a significant departure from prior TMX contempt cases in a couple of important ways. First, it appears the RCMP failed to adhere to Section 12 of the Injunction Order which lays out a "five-step process" for arresting "any persons who breach the Order." Second, neither defendant was arrested at the time the Crown alleges the breaches took place. Both defendants found out about the charges only after the Crown made contact with their lawyers. Mountain Protectors also argue that these new attempts to target Indigenous elders monitoring the company's activities are meant to chill any kind of resistance to and oversight of TMX.

Leyden is expected to be taken to the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, where he will likely remain until January 29."

Zapatistas Announce Days of Action in Defense of Territory and Mother Earth, Feb. 2020

January 09, 2020




First: Today more than ever, capitalism grows through war and the ongoing dispossession of all forms of life. The bad governments and the big capitalist businesses, all of which can be identified by name, try to disappear our struggles in defense of territory and Mother Earth, even normalizing the murder of our brothers and sisters who defend that territory and our Mother Earth.

Hawai'i Rising at The Capitol Jan. 15, 2020

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Come to the capitol on January 15, 2020, and join in the ‘aha and protocols at 8 am, noon, and 4:30pm. If you think that Hawaiian cultural views and voices should be valued by decision-makers, if you believe aloha ‘āina should be given higher priority at the capitol and in our communities, if you want to add your leo and mana to ensure that this happens, come and join the movement at Hawai’i Rising. Together we can shift the political landscape and shape a new future rooted in aloha ‘āina.
Kumu Hula who will be participating at Hawaiʻi Rising include:

• Shelsea Apana and Olana Ai
• Kimo Alama
• Maile Beamer Loo
• Snowbird Bento
• Maelia Carter
• Pua Case
• Robert Uluwehi Cazimero
• Sonny Ching
• Keola Dalire
• Tatiana Fox
• Tehani Gonzado
• Kapiʻolani Haʻo
• Niui‘i Heine
• Pua Kanakaʻole-Kanahele
• Keano Kaupu
• Nalani Keale
• Mary Kupau
• Chinky Mahoe
• Hokulani Holt-Padilla
• Lono Padilla
• Kealiʻi Reichel
• Kaleo Trinidad
• Hiwa Vaughn
• And more...
415 S Beretania St.
Wednesday, January 15
8:00a - 5:00p

Send a message to the power brokers in Hawai’i that aloha ʻāina supporters are organized, engaged, and rising like a mighty wave. Come and join in
• Protocol
• Puʻuhuluhulu University classes
• Mele lāhui
• Kuʻi ʻai
• Political organizing

For general information, maps, schedules, and a list of Pu‘uhuluhulu University Classes, please visit:

Felony Dismissed in DNA #NODAPL Case Against Water Protector

By Water Protector Legal Collective
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The Water Protector Legal Collective is thrilled with yesterday’s decision from a North Dakota judge to dismiss the felony conspiracy to commit criminal mischief charge against a #NoDAPL Water Protector.
The evidence in this case consisted of DNA found on a cigarette butt. The DNA material was alleged to have fit the profile of Indigenous Water Protector Larry Malcolm
The state claims the butt was found in an area where alleged property destruction of construction equipment occurred.
Bruce Nestor, longtime movement lawyer based in Minneapolis, is representing Mr. Malcolm on behalf of WPLC. Nestor’s deftly drafted and argued motion to dismiss (with its supporting  memo) was allowed yesterday and put an end to the bogus conspiracy charge.
Congratulations to Larry Malcolm and Bruce Nestor!

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