August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, August 22, 2020

In the midst of the pandemic, Native Americans relying on agriculture, fishing and gathering inspire hope

While the pandemic devastates Native American economies, those based on agriculture, fishing and gathering inspire hope

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The pandemic has devastated the economies of Native Americans. In the long pages of testimony on economic devastation for Native people, a few words stand out, offering a glimmer of hope for a sustainable future. Separate from the billions of dollars lost in casino revenues nationwide, there are economies based on the natural world for survival.

They are the people of the land and water, maintaining agriculture, fishing and gathering.

Judge rules Lakota Nick Tilsen will face jury trial on felony charges for Mount Rushmore action

NDN Collective President and CEO Nick Tilsen stands with supporters outside of the NDN Collective headquarters in downtown Rapid City who joined in prayer and words of encouragement before his preliminary hearing on Friday morning. Photo by Willi White.

A Pennington County judge determined that NDN Collective President and CEO Nick Tilsen will go to trial for charges stemming from July 3rd action in Mount Rushmore. Tilsen vows to stand strong.
By NDN Collective
Censored News

RAPID CITY, South Dakota – In a preliminary hearing today at the Pennington County Courthouse, a judge determined that NDN Collective President and CEO Nick Tilsen would go to trial for three felony charges stemming from a July 3rd action in the Black Hills in the hours leading up to President Donald Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore.

StrongHearts Native Helpline -- Mental Health Effects of Historical Trauma

Mental Health Effects of Historical Trauma

StrongHearts Native Helpline 
Censored News

The outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year left many mental health professionals concerned that stay-at-home orders and other safety measures designed to protect citizens from the pandemic could cause an increase in mental health issues. Unfortunately, mental health disorders and access to mental health care has been an ongoing struggle for Native Americans. With the additional mental drain resulting from the virus’ spread, it’s important now more than ever to support our relatives by understanding mental health and how it disproportionately impacts our communities.

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