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May 31, 2021

Mass Grave of 215 Children at Kamloops -- Chief Arvol Looking Horse: 'We Take Care of our Relatives Spiritually'

Statement of Chief Arvol Looking Horse

 "If you didn't release your children -- they would shoot them right in your arms.

Thousands of our babies never made it home all over Turtle Island. Many sexually abused girls with babies beside them.

Communities need to do a 'Spirit Releasing' around those old Boarding Schools -- stop saying its haunted and do something about it.

We take care of our Relatives Spiritually."


May 2021

Mass grave of 215 children found at Kamloops Indian Residential Boarding School

Native children as young as three years old, stolen from their families, found in mass grave at Kamloops Indian Residential School

The man who witnessed the Queen of England kidnapping 10 children from Kamloops Indian Residential School died suddenly in good health, before testifying.

Reconciliation Canada broadcast live with elders, May 31, 2021, on Facebook

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