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May 6, 2021

Zapatistas 'Over the Sea'

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May 6, 2021

Thinking of his passengers, as it should be, Captain Ludwig recommended leaving on the 2nd in the afternoon. The waves planned for day 3 were going to make the new sailors suffer more than necessary. That is why the captain proposed to advance the departure to 1600 hours on the second day of the fifth month.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés listened carefully and agreed. So, now that it is customary to use the word “historical” for anything, it is the first time that Zapatismo has done something programmed before it was announced (we usually hang up and start late). Ergo: it is something historical in Zapatismo.

Squadron 421 then left at 16:11:30 on May 2, 2021. Here we present two different reports on the same navigation segment.

Report from Squadron 421 to the Zapatista High Command:
Itinerary of the ship La Montaña. The hours are given in the official time of Mexico City, Mexico (UTC -5).

May 2, 2021. At 4:11:30 p.m., La Montaña began its journey at an approximate speed of 4 knots (1 knot = 1,852 km / h). At 4:21:30 p.m., it headed south-southeast and, at 5:23:04 p.m., La Montaña began a gentle curve to the east. At 17 :24:13 it began the maneuvers to deploy all its canopy. The crew, with the support of Squadron 421, was hoisting the sails. At 17:34 he continued the turn and headed east. He completed the curve at 17:41, with the southern tip of Isla Mujeres to the north. At that time he headed Northeast, in the direction of the First Free Territory of America: Cuba. With the wind in its favor, La Montaña maintained speeds between 8 and 9 knots. At 23:01, when entering the so-called "Yucatan Channel", its speed was 6 knots.

May 3. Early morning.
At 01:42 with a speed of 8 knots, La Montaña approaches the coast of Cuba. Reference: Cabo de San Antonio . At 08:18:00, a few miles south of the Roncali Lighthouse , he heads southeast. Speed: 5 knots. At 10:35:30 it takes a turn to the North-North East. The speed rises to 7 and 8 knots and gusts of wind mistreat the sail. A few miles southwest of Cabo Corrientes , the Captain decides to enter the bay of the same name. At 13:55 it borders, on the left, Punta Caimán . On May 3, at 2:25:15 p.m., the Captain decides to anchor in front of the Cuban town called “María la Gorda”; latitude 21.8225; longitude: 84.4987; to repair the affected canopy and wait for the wind to subside.

On May 4, 2021, at 4:55:30 p.m., La Montaña restarts its sailing, now heading West-South-West, with a speed of 6 knots. At 17:45:30, at the height of Cape Corrientes , head South-Southeast. At 19:05:30 it turns to head East-Northeast.

At 00:16:15 on May 5, La Montaña sails at 7-8 knots. At 04:56:30, taking Cayo Real and Cayo del Perro to the north, the motorsailer heads south-southeast. In front of the western coast of the Isla de la Juventud , draw two successive "Z" and at 12:07:00 it sails parallel to the south coast of the aforementioned island, with 5 knots and in an easterly direction. The last report received is at 23:16:45 on May 5: 6-7 knots heading East. He goes to the Cuban city and port of Cienfuegos, to get there on May 6.

In Cienfuegos, La Montaña will have to refuel and park for a few days, and then continue its journey. Squad 421 as a whole is reported to be doing well and adjusting. No " gums " and only mild dizziness.

That's all for now.

- * -

Story sent by a being remarkably similar to a beetle -who stowaways in La Montaña-. The crew members have tried everything to capture it. They have not succeeded. The times they have managed to corner it, the little bug bewitches them with stories and legends of terrible and wonderful things, stories that have happened and yet to happen. When the crew comes out of the trance, the beetle has returned to the ship's Hood and, from there, recites poems in various languages, shouts threats and curses, and challenges the Hydra with a spear-like toothpick and a plastic lid from some jar. as a shield. Here the narration:

“ More than sailing, La Montaña seems to dance to the sea. As in a long and passionate kiss, he took off from the port and headed to an uncertain destination, full of challenges, challenges, threats and not a few setbacks.

A cumbia accompanies him, marks his step and distance. An astonished sun stops, to better look at the hips for the summoned rhythm. The moon, pale with envy and rage, loses step with the last sensual wave of palms.

A lascivious wind, satyr of clouds and gusts, chased La Montaña, spellbound by the swaying of the stern. The cumbia did nothing to attenuate desires and cravings, and it encouraged them more and thus grew and increased. Clumsy and hasty, as a novice lover, he risked the wind, bristling with lust, a slap. Thus he tore the sails, brown with salt and water, with which the ship kept its precious cargo.

Pudorosa, La Montaña, sought secrecy and discretion to mend her clothes. And so he reflected: "The wind has to learn that appetite and yearnings must be mutual, or robbery will be and not love, which is what they call it."

Already dressed, La Montaña resumed its course and mission, not before rebuking a wind that, saddened, with stealth and curtness, now follows him, but that, with marine stubbornness, thus fills him with compliments:

Let him shed his modesty, he begs him. Let the sail fade and let it show itself naked even though its light hurts the gaze, she pleads. That nudity does not sin if it is covered with another nudity, he argues.

The Mountain, dignified and haughty, does not yield. Firm and tender she rejects him. "Not even if I rest in port and in port I remake myself," La Montaña has said. And with the bow he points and says: “Look at that other island that our hope and Cuba call it. These mountains greet, from this Mountain, anachronistic beings whose present challenge, the paths of the sea walk ”.

And, irritated, the boat to the impertinent wind scolds. Let them stop poking around under the naguas, that sometimes a glance is enough to untie desire. The wind was modest then, but did not spare sighs as the ship's gait improved.

And so La Montaña sails, the wind follows promising early mornings.

To the east, the expectation grows and, with it, the hope. "

Signature: Don Durito de La Lacandona, aka “ Black Shield ”, aka “ Durito ”, aka “ Nebucodonosor ”, aka “ Impertinent Beetle ”, aka “ Desfacedor de Entuertos ”, aka “ the big one, I say 'big', the giant , the marvelous, the superlative, the hyper-mega-plus, the supercalifragilístico-spialidoso, the unique, the incomparable, him. HE, Don Durito from La Lacandona! ", Aka (follow several volumes of the encyclopedia of attributes of the" greatest of errant gentlemen "-most of them, made by the aforementioned-).

And he adds a distant postscript from the distant and late SupMarcos: " Hope is like a cookie: it is useless if you don't have it inside ."

- * -

For my part, I slip away from all of the above. Especially from the bug report.

Voucher. Health and that boat and winds to the mission are leveled.

The SupGaleano carving the cumbia as if he were navigating it.
Planet Earth.
May 2021.

«Wind in a spiral», composition by Jesús G. Camacho Jurado. Portrayed by PsiqueSon.

"Cumbia sobre el mar": lyrics and music by Rafael David Mejía Romani. Play: Quantic, Flowering Inferno.

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