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Friday, December 17, 2021

'Thank You' Zapatistas Return Home from Journey for Life in Europe

Thank you

Zapatista Sixth Commission
Coordinating Team for the Journey for Life: Europe Chapter
December 14, 2021
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To the organizations, movements, groups, collectives, originary peoples and individuals from the different geographies of the land today known as “Slumil K´ajxemk´op”. [one]

From the Zapatista Extemporaneous [The Extemporaneous] [2] delegation:
Companions, companions, companions:
Hermanoas , sisters, and brothers:

We send you warm greetings from the mountains of southeastern Mexico and can report that all of the companions and companions from the airborne delegation who visited you all in each of your geographies during the months of September, October, November, and December of 2021 have returned to their respective towns and positions.
As of 9:34 PM Zapatista time (8:34 PM Mexico time) on December 14, or 3:34 AM on December 15 Slumil K´ajxemk´op time, everyone had arrived at their respective villages, towns, and positions.

Each of us returned in one piece and in good health. We are all moved and touched by the days and nights that you allowed us to share with you, and we return with a life-long wound in our hearts which we will not allow to close.

It is now time for us to review our notes to inform our towns and communities of all that we learned and received from you: your histories, your struggles, your resistance, your indomitable existence, and above all, the embrace of humanity we felt from each of your hearts.

Everything we brought you came from our people. Everything we received from you is for our communities.

For all this– for your hospitality, your fellowship, your word, your listening, your gaze, your food and drink, your lodging, your company, your history and for the collective embrace from the heart that you are – we say:


Danke schön

Hvala ti

Благодаря ти




Hvala vam

Tak skal du have



Eskerrik asko




Σας ευχαριστώ



Go raibh maith agat



Ви благодарам

Takk skal du ha

Dziękuję Ci




Хвала вам




We will be in communication with you again soon, because the fight for life is not over. We still have so much to learn from and share with you.

See you soon, compas.

From the mountains of southeastern Mexico.

In the name of the Zapatista Extemporaneous [ La Extemporaneous]

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés
Mexico, December 2021.

[1] See the EZLN's renaming of Europe:

[2] See the EZLN's August 17, 2021 communique for an explanation of the use of “ La Extemporánea” [the extemporaneous] : -later /

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