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January 28, 2022

Nevada and Canada: Laboratories for Genocide and Death

The Nuclear Test Site and secret atomic bomb testing on Western Shoshone land left cancer and death. In Canada, the government and churches carried out the genocide of Native children. Photo: Qu' Appelle Industrial School.

Breaking News: Navajo Elders Locked Out in Cold as Navajo Nation Council Votes on New Helium Mining on Sacred Mountain

Navajo elders were locked out in the cold by the Navajo Nation Council on Thursday, while the Navajo Council voted on new helium mining on the sacred mountain at Sanostee.

New at Censored News Today:

The United States government hid its crimes in the beginning, leaving a trail of death for Western Shoshone during its secret atomic bomb testing.

We know now that Nevada is blanketed with the crimes of the U.S. government, from nuclear tests to the bombing ranges and lithium mining that Paiute Shoshone Myron Dewey warned of the day before he was killed by a driver pulling into his lane.

The crimes go further, with the drone pilots at Creech Airforce base pulling the switch and carrying out assassinations on the other side of the world, often using faulty data.

While Nevada continues as a laboratory for death, at the same time, in what is called Canada, the truth is being revealed about the role of Canada and the churches in the widespread kidnapping, torture, and murder of Native children in the schools where the children were incarcerated.

Mohawk Mothers are holding McGill University in Montreal accountable in court, as the search continues for unmarked graves.

At McGill University, Canada and the U.S. CIA conducted MKUltra mind control and torture experiments. Mohawk children were among the victims.

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte to the White House today: "Our nation has, and is, being destroyed by nuclear weapons testing and nuclear material disposal."

"The pattern and practice of the Department of Energy and cooperating agencies inflict conditions intended to bring about the destruction of Shoshone Nation, violating peremptory norms in International Law that the United States has acceded to under the Proxmire Act in 1988 (18 USC 1091--GENOCIDE)." -- Comments of Principal Man Ian Zabarte of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians to the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, January 27, 2022

Mohawk Mothers continue their case against McGill University in Montreal, where Canada and the U.S. CIA conducted MKUltra mind control and torture experiments on Native children at Allen Memorial Institute. 

"In the middle of this case, super-paid Principle and Chancellor of McGill, Suzanne Fortier, resigns! Also one of the lawyers in the FCC Federal Court of Canada v. the Mohawk Mothers suddenly resigns from the case." "The main issues in the court case are the unmarked graves, the trespassing on Mohawk land, and the borrowing of Iroquois Trust Funds to build McGill that was never repaid to the Mohawks."

Horrific abuse described as unmarked graves discovered of Native children in Canada

This week, more unmarked graves were discovered at a residential school in Canada. The Tyee describes the horrors and abuse of Native children carried out by the government of Canada and the church at Williams Lake.
“Our team has recorded not only stories involving the murder and disappearing of children and infants. They have listened to countless stories of systematic torture, starvation, rape and sexual assault of children at St. Joseph’s mission.”
Children were beaten until they lost consciousness for speaking their Indigenous language. 

The Guardian: Life as a drone operator at Creech Airforce Base, Nevada

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