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March 21, 2022

A Visit To Peltier -- Peltier Survived COVID in Deplorable Prison Conditions

A Visit To Peltier -- Peltier Survived COVID in Deplorable Prison Conditions

By Co-directors Jean Roach and Carol Gokee
International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Published with permission at Censored News
March 21, 2022

Yesterday our prison visit with Leonard Peltier was monumental and very uplifting and sad at the same time!
Leonard came out with a smile and he looked good after surviving COVID-19! Like most prisoners, he was left to fend for himself as he battled the sickness! He was left without water for 4 days! The water out of the fountain is not drinkable and orange in color! Leonard was not put inside a medical unit even though he has several “health risks” and is an elder! We are so thankful he survived Covid! The Covid aftereffects are unknown and we pray for Leonard's  Health!

The conditions inside the walls are ignored by the general public unless they have a relative inside! Only then will you hear the truth! The cold dirty environment is part of the many “inhuman conditions” prisoners face daily! The food is gross, especially lockdowns which no way meet the basic needs of a person like Leonard with diabetes! Let’s not forget he still has an aortic aneurysm and waiting to see medical doctors to evaluate his health.
His message to the Oyate (people) is to continue voicing and writing about the atrocities and illegal activities of the federal government concerning his case!
We need all the supporters to contact the White House’s President Biden to release Leonard! Continue emailing, calling, and messaging!

Leonard’s case is the continued Genocide and Colonization of our Nations! For generations, they have attacked our leaders in their efforts to “kill the Indian and save the man” policy which continues today and is called COINTEL PRO (counter-intelligence program.)

Part of decolonization is understanding their policies! Defamations of character continue when people exploit platforms to push their personal agendas! Actually, if you promote FBI propaganda you need to stay on the Colonizer side!

Leonard has been brutalized for years even tough the govt has admitted they have no idea who's responsible for their agents' deaths! And let’s not forget co-defendants Dino Butler and Bob Roubideaux were ACQUITTED on the basis of SELF DEFENSE!

Freedom for LEONARD PELTER!!
Educate Yourself !
Co-directors Jean Roach & Carol Gokee
International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


yolifay said...

Come on people. What would be my vision and dream is to have all recognized 574 tribes and all unrecognized tribe join together at the White House and protest. How beautiful and historical a dreamer like that would be. All our native people coming together would be so powerful. I could only imagine. Free Leonard Peltier. Ooh.

Unknown said...

Please continue to send out petitions if we keep bombarding them with petitions it will be helpful

Anonymous said...

Prison/jail violence,the death culture, threats of fear, all disappear as beauty undefeated forever you are loved