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March 18, 2022

Greater Chaco Relay Run March 24 -- 26, 2022: Protecting the Homelands from New Drilling


Greater Chaco Relay Run, March 24 -- 26, 2022

Dedicated runners and participants will have the opportunity to listen to Diné and Pueblo relatives speak to the cultural and spiritual significance of the ground covered. They will also learn and share information about the recent proposed withdrawal of public lands from new mineral leases in the region.

Thursday, March 24th: Sunrise to Sunset
Thoreau, NM to Whitehorse, NM (52 Miles, green path)

Friday, March 25th: Sunrise to Sunset
Whitehorse, NM to Rte. 7900, 5 miles South of U.S. 550 (50 Miles, turquoise path)

Saturday, March 26th: Sunrise to Midday
Carry staffs into Chaco Canyon with celebratory meal/prayer (17 Miles, orange path)

Runners will begin and end each day together in prayer. The group will separate intermittently during the day to cover miles along different sections of the route simultaneously. Prayer staffs from previous prayer runs will also be carried throughout.

Meals will be provided. Runners are invited to camp at the Antonio home site in Pueblo Pintado, NM Thursday night. The group will camp at Gallo Campground Friday night, with an alternative campsite nearby for those that would prefer not to stay overnight in Chaco Canyon. Camping gear will be available for loan, but please bring your own, if possible.

Masks will be worn in shuttle vehicles, group settings and at campsites throughout the run, regardless of vaccination status. Please help us protect each other’s families and communities.”

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