Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 11, 2022

HoChunk Join Leonard Peltier Walk to Justice in Wisconsin

"Thankful for our HoChunk relatives coming to join us today walking, feasting with us tonight and for bringing their prayers and stories. It is an honor to be welcomed on their homelands and to have them be apart of this prayer for Leonard Peltier." -- Leonard Peltier Walk to Justice, Minneapolis to Washington.
Sept. 10, 2022. Photos courtesy Leonard Peltier Walk to Justice.

"Walking with the HoChunk sisters through their homeland. 
Giving us strength."

"In the early morning, we are walking east
through Black River Falls, Wisconsin,
in the rain."

"Going toward Warrens, Wisconsin, carrying
this prayer to Washington for the release of
Leonard Peltier"

"Many thanks to The Red Nation for donating this Blackstone grill. Suzanne's smile says it all."

Photos by Leonard Peltier Walk to Justice. Follow the walk on Facebook at:

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